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Hello my name is Natalie. I'm not famous, so a BIO could be terribly boring. So instead, here are10 things you should know about me:

  1. I am happily married to the golfer (assuming George Clooney will never read my blog).
  2. I am mommy to 2 Kids (the Perfectionist is 6 and Spider-Man is 4)
  3. I think the HOME is everything.
  4. I own a small kids party planning company in Los Angeles California called Little Shindigs {hence- le matching blog}. I recently opened a new shop The Knock-Knock Factory and I am founder and President of the Children's Party Network.
  5.  I am ALL ABOUT Goodwill .......and by Goodwill I mean the thrift stores. I love old things and I like saving a buck or two ( for more old things).
  6. I think it is bad luck to go to the mall and not eat Cinnabon.
  7. I barely get any sleep (refer to #4).
  8. I'm a amateur creative speller
  9. I hate to cook. So you will NEVER find recipes on this blog.
  10. I think you are awesome for reading this far!
Welcome to my blog!

Del Mar 2010
The Golfer, the Perfectionist, Spider-Man and me!

The Challenge is on

The Challenge is on
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