Dec 20, 2010

The Purple Pug: The East takes the Tiara. And 27 special reasons t...

The Purple Pug: The East takes the Tiara. And 27 special reasons t...: "The Party People Have spoken at the polls. The Party Players of the East wear the Glittered Tiaras this morning. The ladies of The East ha..."

Dec 15, 2010

New Years with my Little Rascals

real movie making.
good times:)
some day...great memories!

give us a happy ending


one team.
one goal.
no phone calls
lots of e-mails
a few chats online
lots of shipping and deliveries.
a tremendous collaboration to say the least.

rolling order of appearance

(custom invitation)

(directors megaphone and clapboards)

(Happy New Year Banner)

(Camera Prop and Reel cupcake stand)

(chandelier and inter titles)

(custom ruffle tablecloth)

 (horns, black and white popcorn and custom pop corn boxes)

(jelly bean flutes and chocolate covered pretzels "sparklers")

(custom cookies and cake pops)

(chocolate mustaches)

Candy :)

(film snack cones)

that's a WRAP:)

Dec 13, 2010

Good Morning America....and beyond

What Coast will you have love for today?

East Coast? West Coast?

The galleries have been dealt...its all in your hands now.

Voting will begin later today. Stay tuned.


Thank you to my BEST Coast team!

Credits and shot outs

will roll through out the week.

Dec 11, 2010

In BLACK and WHITE {the throwdown}

Two teams.
One FABULOUS showdown.
yep...I think EVERYBODY is ready for this throwdown

The Best Coast

via West Coast

via West Coast

via West Coast

....and the East Coast

via East Coast

via East Coast

via East Coast

Come back Monday for the full load down and to place your vote.

Nov 26, 2010

First Look

Two Teams for one Extraordinary Cause
This is Battle of the Boards your first look...


A Comical New Year’s Rave

image sources



 New Year's Eve (Matinee Short)

This is Teamwork, creativity and a love for parties coming together in an effort to raise funds and awareness to a special children's charity. Visit Project Night Night today!

Nov 24, 2010

The Birthday Fairy was already taken

Naming a business is a whole lotta work. I struggled over mine for a few weeks. I had lists I tell you! Some genius and some not so genius names. A lot of names...already taken.

The Birthday Fairy-Taken
Party Plan-it-Taken
Best Children's Party Planner Ever-Taken

Just kidding on that last one. I couldn't resist. Anyway, I wanted mine to be a reflection of my style but stills say PARTY. Most people "get it" when I share with them my business name. They smile and usually saw "awww" (as if they were admiring cute little puppies). I take it as a sign that they like it or have NO idea what a shindig is.

However, what I still haven't been able to come up with is a good tag line. The funny part is, I happen to think I am pretty good with words (not spelling them...just putting them together). Like..I came up with "Curl up and Dive" for my Bro-in laws Dive shop and my old personal blog "Mommy likes to Party". Okay, mixed results on that last one.
Come's totally funny. P.S I am making t-shirts. Want one?

My favorite, to the this day is our tag line for the party people, for the party people. Okay, I know that one, our founding fathers sorta came up with the idea but I TOTALLY put the "party" in between the "the" and the "people".
You're welcome:)

image source

If you have a blog or shop...I would love to hear how you came up with the name. So totally curious. Please share.

If you are  currently considering starting a business, take a look at this short article I found via The Wall Street Journal.

Nov 23, 2010

Got your tickets?

East Coast- West Coast Challenge

We have been researching the auction entry fees and final value fees and, after some serious deliberation and "careful calculations" we realize that we have a better opportunity to raise money (AKA..not pay fees to EBAY) by turning this into a raffle instead on an auction. We also feel that this will allow more folks the opportunity to win a partyscape.

WE WILL BE RAFFLING OFF THE COMPLETED TABLESCAPES. Raffle tickets will go for $10/entry. Our goal is to sell at least 100 tickets.

You can enter by donating in $10 increments on any of the donation links on the CPN.
Item descriptions and values of the tablescapes will be posted very soon.
All money collected will go for shipping costs to the winner and everything else goes directly to Project Night Night. many tickets will you take?

East Coast- West Coast Challenge update

Here are the updates about the East Coast vs. West Coast Tablescape Challenge. {if you have no idea what I am talking the deets here.}

Kristy and I have received most of our teams' projects and are over the moon with the fabulosity! We both have stacks and stacks of boxes holding so many beautiful and creative contributions-we are floored and so happy:)

We also had no idea what kind of response we would receive to this challenge, and are humbled and ecstatic that so many CPN members were able to contribute and work together. We also had no idea, HOW MUCH STUFF we would actually receive..We are both still awaiting projects too. We both have packages all over the joint- which is incredible for the tablescapes, but poses a unique challenge for the auction shipping. There are a lot of boxes and a lot of weight. There are breakable items, crushable items and bulky items. We are afraid that the proceeds from the auction will be depleted to cover the shipping costs to the auction winner-which would defeat the purpose. We want to be able to donate as much as possible to the kids at Project Night Night.

The solution we arrived at is to ask for your help. We are requesting donations to help defray the shipping costs. Anything you can possibly donate will help tremendously to offset the hefty shipping costs.
All money collected will go directly to shipping & expenses first, any remaining money goes straight to Project Night Night. Anything you can contribute, even one dollar will make an impact. Please donate if you can. We appreciate it more than you can ever know.

The tablescapes are starting to take shape..Photoshoots going down very soon....We will post another update soon.

Any questions, just let us know!

Thank you so much for being a part of this amazing experiment and for your continued support.

Kristy and Natalie

Help and Donate here.

Nov 17, 2010

Reach for the Sky {Real Parties}

The Toy Story party was this past weekend and I wanted to share a glimpse with you. Then,  I couldn't figure out what picture to show you...hence the slide show!

I felt a bit out of my element going commercial. SO... in an effort to keep it real, I chose to use the walls painted in Andy's room as the inspiration. You know ...the blue walls with the puffy clouds?  I realize that may sound insane but it's completely true.

Also, I didn't want to go crazy with a candy buffet for a bunch of little kids. Felt it completely appropriate to offer a Toy Buffet instead. See if you can spot my parachuting soldier hanging
over it. Lots of fun little details and  I hope you will take a look.
I would love to hear what YOU think!

A big shout out to my Party Peeps who helped me with elements through out our Little Shindig.

Glittery Flags- The Purple Pug
Party Printable labels-Paper and Pigtails
Table Topper-Socially Circled
Cupcake Toppers-Edible Delights
Cake- Frost...Just add Cake
Cake Mini Bunting (Printable)-Piggy Bank Parties

.....and my Kid Sister for spoiling my kids and dressing up (yet again) for a birthday party. I think she made the best Jesse ever!!!

Nov 15, 2010

Two Birds, One Stone {Craft Wars}

Although I did not submit my work to the Craft Wars Challenge, I did want to share it with you. I have been a busy bee this past week.  My sons birthday was this past weekend and amongst all the plans and preparation I still needed to make something for Craft Wars.

So when my idea for store bought parachuting soldiers floating over my "Toy Buffet" (more on that later) flopped, I jumped at the opportunity to use that empty cereal box that had been staring me down ALL WEEK.


Green Parachute

Look Closely! I know its little tough to see. He is after all in camo green!!!

Please go Vote for your favorite Crafty Party Chicas on CPN.
We have some really great entries you must see!Voting ends Sunday.

P.S Hope you will stop by again this week...... I will be sharing more details on this fun little party very soon.

Oct 29, 2010

It's almost SHOWTIME

The Children's Party Network's First Team Challenge is in full swing...everyone get in your places it's almost SHOWTIME!

If you are out of the loop...please read the Pugs recap HERE. Just ignore the thing about the East Coast taking it...that is a typo!

Kristy and I want to introduce our fabulous sponsors that have come on board to donate goods to our Tablescape Throw Down. Thank you a million times over for being so supportive and generous of our little adventure.

May Arts~Beautiful & quality ribbon has been donated to both teams.

Plates and Napkins~Gorgeous paper partyware, napkins, plates, cutlery and accessories have been donated to both teams for styling and for auction.

Dough A Deer~Has graciously DOUGHnated delicious and adorable mini donuts for both tablescapes, as well as, for both auction winners.

Thank you to everyone involved for their generosity. We are excited and looking forward to the showdown!

Oct 19, 2010

And they called it ....Puggy Luv

Pug Crush of the Day
Don't be all jealous. How could the Pug resist, right?! 
Sadly... She will be on to numero tres tomorrow and I will be just another post on her purple boggy blog (sobbing).
I think I will grab a six pack of this and drown my sorrows.


Oct 17, 2010

two truths and a lie {ice breakers}

  1. I am currently following 207 blogs!
  2. When I follow, I have every intention to...... "follow"
  3. I read every single post from my favorite 207 blogs.

Scary business sense

The family and I went out today for our regular weekend date (lunch and a little shopping). No need to be jealous, that usually means Pizza and the shoe store, my kids grow out of shoes very fast. Anyways, today's trip was to pick out costumes. I was quite excited! I happen to be a fan of Halloween and I needed a break from deciding between Iron man or buzz light year shoes.

The first shop we visited was filled with morbid and gory decor. Unfortunately that wasn't the worst part, you needed a flashlight to get around. Literally. The light was dreadful!!! I was so annoyed we ended up walking out.

The next shop was a lot better. They still had the scary decor but at least they had decent lighting. We were finally able to pick out some costumes. My disappointing shopping trip got me thinking. "AM I THE ONLY ONE ANNOYED BY THE STYLE OF HALLOWEEN STORES OUT THERE?". Honestly, not very young family friendly, AT ALL! Gory, bloody, dreadful lighting...don't get me started on the inappropriate costumes.

I love, LOVE Halloween but I cant say I am a fan of this trend. Am I the only one who thinks this way? Tell me I am not alone...THAT would be scary!

Oct 9, 2010

Apology letter

 Dear Bloggy Blog,

This is a little uncomfortable...but I feel like I owe you an explanation. You see....the truth is, I have been hanging out over at the network...EVERY NIGHT since it opened! I know, I know. That is a bit obsessive (even for me). I just cant help it. I am making new friends, discovering new shops and chatting with my party people from New York to the West Coast  and everywhere in between. Some nights ...I event stay up and talk to Australia! :)

I'm sorry...I don't mean to gloat.

I just wanted to say I am sorry and I hope we can make this work. We have been together for a while now and we cant get a little Network get in between us (hee hee...its almost 500members strong).

no, no, no ....I am not gloating again. I am just really excited that we are talking again.

So how have you been?

Sep 21, 2010

Hooray for Tuesday

This is turning out to be a *good* week....and it's only Tuesday!
Children's Party Network launched and my Halloween shoot for Babiekins spotted on ohdeedoh. Hooray and Happy Tuesday!

Sep 20, 2010

For good reason...

I apologize for my recent silence...I promise you it was for good reason. I have been working on a VERY special project. 
Recently feeling a void in my industry, I was compelled to launch a network, as a place for us "party people" to connect, share and celebrate in the children's party movement (the new wave of stylish and beyond creative children's parties).  So, if you are an industry pro, a party savvy parent or just looking to sharpen your party planning skills, I hope you will consider to join!

We had a soft opening on Sunday for FB and a few insiders. My blackberry went a bit crazy (we got almost 100 membership requests). Today is the official unveiling. The main page is now public but you will have to become a member to see it all. Please join and help spread the word!

Aug 26, 2010

Bonnet Girls {question of the day}

Have you come across those darling Pioneer and American Girl parties being featured on party blogs lately?

I love the know getting back to basics.
Well sort of, I don't think Melissa Gilbert's character ever got a party so fabulous and those were the days before candy buffet's right?

Anyway, my daughter is not into the American girls,YET, and I never really got into Little House on the Prairie.

I know, I know, many people grew up with that show and ADORE it but it always made me sort of sad for some reason.... and the openning credits with the girls taking forever to get down that hill! I always felt bad for the little one that fell EVERYTIME! But I digress.

I was checking out a new Magazine Family Canada and found some fun stuff I thought I would share just in case anyone out there is planning  a Party at the Prairie. ( BTW follow this link for the DIY)

cloth goody bags couldn't be sweeter
fabric bunting is essential
and I know you  are loving these fabric wrappers.
 You know those Pioneers didn't have label makers back then!
Love this idea...hope I can use it someday for my own little Bonnet party.

 I gotta tell you though...Holly is more my style!
and who is your favorite girl in a bonnet?

images via Family Canada
Holly via sqidoo

Aug 23, 2010


Donna Hay is a must on my list along with other fab magazines for entertaining. What is on your list? Please share, I am always looking for new eye candy.

Aug 18, 2010

Staging Process

My sons 4th birthday is in a couple months and we are currently brainstorming over what type of party we are going to host.
 Camping and fishing have been a big hit this summer and it looks like we may be going in that direction.

{enters Yogi and freinds}

Any fans out there? Oh, I really do hope so. We just recently introduced these shows to our kids...they think Yogi talks funny and love when he calls on BooBoo.

So what do you think? All the kids are under 6 and otherwise this would be a camping/fishing party. I can still do the fishing and campsite activities and I was thinking of making Yogi Ties and BooBoo bow ties, maybe doing some Pie relay races and who knows what else!
Any thoughts, tips, ideas?

Am I completely out of my mind on this one? I just hate to do anything too expected. It has to have a twist!We are throwing this on a very modest budget and just want it to feel special and fun and well thought out. I can do the camping/fishing party in my sleep...I guess I am looking for a challenge and hoping it will be a memorable party for my little BooBoo.

Please let me know what you think!
Exit, stage left!

Aug 16, 2010

little french fry {party threads}

Would you like to super size that?

Isn't this is beyond adorable?! This one is my favorite from the RaeGun etsy shop. Go see.

image via Rae Gun

Craft Savy {Twine}

I have seen this colorful twine making its rounds lately.

This morning I came across

and found this....................

It somehow reminded me of grade school. I recall doing something similar to this but with yarn. I think I made a rainbow...kinda' fuzzy (the memory and the rainbow).

Have you used twine there a particular brand you recommend? Please Chime in!

pleas visit Made for the tutorial

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The Challenge is on
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