Apr 3, 2010


Please beware...I am about to rant!

What is it with the filthy anonymous comments. HONESTLY. Anyone else get them? I thought it was funny at first, getting comments I could not decipher. Some language (maybe Chinese?). But I was totally grossed out when I figured out these comment were FAR from family friendly.

Do these people have nothing else to do? You know they do HAVE SITES FOR FOLKS LIKE YOU TOO! Hey, to each his own but this isn't one of those sites!

so needless to say, please find the little X and GO AWAY!

Now that that is settled, lets get back to talking about parties and kids and crafts and families and daisy's!


The Purple Pug said...

LOL! Now the suspense is killing me...Who said what?

Natalie said...

I wont tell you here but will send you something via twitter. Its not good girl!Dont know the who but the what is gross!

Brittanie said...

Atleast we can not allow Anonymous comments.. Some people are such trolls! Hope there are no more!

Onna said...

That's spam. I don't know what it happens. Not sure if there is a way to stop it or not.

AshleyOney said...

i get these on direct message on Twitter too! SO Annoying!

AshleyOney said...

I always get weird/icky direct messages on twitter. I dont know why but I just try to ignore.

Deana Birks said...

I don't know what's wrong with people. The internet seems to bring out both the very best and the scariest worst in humanity.

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