May 19, 2010

All you need is trust....

and a little bit of Pixie Dust

Well, it is Kate Landers after all so you KNOW this lady would never stop at the Pixie dust. Darling details all around. This party is truly magical.
Get the full story from Kate Landers and LOTS more pics!!!
thanks for sharing Kate!
images: Kate Landers

What is black and white and RED all over?

The new Vintage Fire Truck Party Collection from the Tom Kat Studio, of course! I am such a fan of hers (#4, 124 on her face book fan page to be exact) just kidding. I think I fanned her around 2K! Anyway, if you don't know her then you are probably very new to entertaining blogs or have been hiding under a rock, either way I am happy you are here and suggest you become a fan too, at least before she hits 6K which could probably be ....tomorrow.

May 17, 2010

We are open

Please come in!
I finally launched the new studio site. It's half way there but I just couldn't take keeping it closed any longer. Anyway, take a looksy and let me know what you thinksy.

May 16, 2010

My blog has cooties...

It's happening again. People are telling me they can't seem to link to my blog. Last year it was Lisa from Personally You Parties and now its no other than Kate Landers!

As any blogger understands links are oh so important. Personally, I cherish them! Its like being part of a really great club, minus the funny hats or handshakes. Pero NO! (that's the Latina coming out BTW) Pero No linkie for Natalie...her blog has the cooties!

This is frustrating beyond belief for me. After a few attempts, I am forced to only say "that's okay..thank you for trying anyway".

Any tips, please help!

Has this happened to you???

I think its just me.

to my party people

image via Dazeychic

p.s go see the rest of her stuff on Etsy...SOOO CUTE!

May 12, 2010

See Natalie wait too long to post this feature.....

I knew this Dick and Jane/Vintage toy party would be featured all around blog town but I didn't think it would be overnight. Yikes people...don't you all sleep?! The Dick and Jane party was Circa...Monday???

Okay, so it is pretty fabulous and that is exactly WHY I, must feature it here.

Plus, its vintage inspired and ya'll know- me and vintage go waaay back! Then again, I suppose it wouldn't be vintage if it didn't go waay back?! You get what I mean.

This party was put together by the talented duo from Bella Grace Designs and Paper and Pigtails (Lindsey & Kori) and it is beyond uber cute with loads of details and a spectacular color scheme. See for yourself...

(long sigh).
I caught wind of this party a few days ago and reached out to Lindsey to get her blessing on the feature. I was thrilled to learn that...
  1. I had the go ahead
  2. this fun little fact. Lyndsey started blogging about a year ago and that Little Shindigs was the first blog she ever followed!
So I am flattered that someone as talented as Lindsey would find a small bit of inspiration here (actualy, it made my week) and I am certain that this sweet party will now inspire you.
ahh you cant blame for trying.

To see more of this party, please visit Bella Grace Party Designs.

Thanks again Lindsey:D

May 10, 2010

She's having a baby too!

My dear friend and old room mate Lizette is having her first baby. So I have asked her to attend the Jayneoni Moore's - She's having a Baby event in Beverly Hills on the 23rd. This is sure to be an amazing event and I am dying to win tickets. I have entered the giveaway (EVERY WHICH WAY). I am crossing my fingers...which by the way, is VERY hard to do while typing. Wish me luck!

If you are in the LA area, check Project Nursery for all the fab details .

May 8, 2010

Operation share!

Just a little shout out to the fabulous team of Operation Shower.... amazing individuals for an amazing cause.

Enjoy and please share and spread the word.
Much love Amy!!!

May 6, 2010

in other FABULOUS DRESS news

I am beyond excited to finally share this

(typing very excited and thrilled beyond belief)

GUESS WHAT or better yet GUESS WHO..... is the newest contributor to the PARTY DRESS?


You betcha. I even have a fancy schmancy new TPD badge.------>

Exhibit A (displayed oh so proudly on ye' right)

Exhibit B, check this out.

For the few, who may not know (AKA-my family and friends who rarely read my blog) ...........The Party Dress is an amazing site for all things entertaining. I have been a huge fan and have spent many, many hours, oohing and ahhing over all the eye candy. I am beyond flattered to now be a small part of it.

May 5, 2010

Well, Lottie Da....

Cutest little dress found via Etsy at the Lottie Da Baby shop.....
needless to say, I was inspired to put a little board together. After all, a fabulous party dress deserves a fabulous social event, right?! Well, it does in my house.
What do you think of playing up the vintage style with an array of fab colors and mix and match goods from a flea market. Or would you play up the birdy theme? You could use lots of birdcages as centerpieces or hang them from trees with colorful pom poms. Hmmm, not sure which I would do...probably both! How about you? What else would be sweet for this little birdy party?

Images: Banner (SweetJessie)
Birds and Bees dress by(LottieDaBaby)
Wreath (Dutchgang)
all other (stylemepretty)

May 4, 2010

Guest Blog Post- Leslie Blumenstein

Pre-School Crafts and Activities

Finding games and activities for preschoolers is a lot of fun. Their minds are so eager to learn and explore new things. Here are a few ideas that could easily be turned into great party or playdate activities.

Music Shakers

Collect empty toilet paper rolls and staple one end closed. Set out dried beans, dried macaroni, jingle bells, whatever makes good noise to you! Let the kids fill (not completely) the tube up then staple the other end closed. Kids can decorate the outside with markers and stickers. Then shake, shake, shake!

Hammer Time

Looking for ways to repurpose that big piece of styrofoam from the new toaster? Collect golf tees and toy hammers and let the little ones pound the tees into the styrofoam. They will love pounding them in and pulling them back out.

Bubble Art

Fill a glass about 1/3 with milk diluted with water (nearly equal parts). Add a few drops of food coloring. Place a straw in the glass and have the child blow until the bubbles are overflowing. Then take a white or light colored piece of paper and place it on top of the bubbles and push down until the paper is flush with the top of the glass. Lift up the paper and you are left with beautiful bubble art!

Decode the Message

This is a good activity for a party game. Create a message like “Happy Birthday Allyson!” And cut out all the letters of the word. Hang them up on the wall (just with tape) but take away some of them and put a little __ on the wall (a strip of paper does the trick). I did this at my son’s birthday party and I took out all the vowels. Hide the missing vowels/letters all over the house (in easy to reach places) and then help them put them in the right order. They will be so proud that they completed the message and it’s a good way to practice letter recognition.

The Ice Age

Get little things like bouncy balls, small figurines, and change, anything fun a kid might like to discover. Put them in a small paper cup and fill it with water. Let them freeze completely. Set them out in a deep tub or on a table in area you don’t mind getting wet and give the kids tools to chip away at their frozen treasure. A turkey baster dipped in warm water, plastic silverware, their hands, their breath; whatever tools you think are kid friendly and effective. Just help guide them how to defrost their giant cubes. They will have fun and enjoy their newly thawed treasure. ( If the melting is going too slowly, bring out the hair dryer).

Duck, Duck, Goose

A good old game of duck, duck, goose is a very fun way for preschoolers to expend some energy. Make it fun, change it up a little. We play cat, cat, dog. You could do anything! Frog, frog, toad, or turkey, turkey, chicken…it’s a fun way for kids to get moving and practice waiting their turn.

Have fun with your preschoolers! They love to create and discover. And don’t forget to take pictures! These moments should not be forgotten. Keep your memories organized and ready for show in a beautiful photobookfrom PurpleTrail.

Leslie is a work at home mom of one busy little guy. As a writer, she covers a range of topics with a special focus on party planning. She is a regular contributor to, a comprehensive party planning site. Her passion for entertaining has led her to become an expert on budget party planning without sacrificing style. From baby showers to back yard barbecues, she’s done it all – without breaking the bank.

May 3, 2010

What is the magic word?

As a parent, I have asked that question many a time.

But today over dinner, as Iron Man (our 3 year old) asked to have some of my beverage. I got an answer I would never have expected, considering HE has been on the other side of that question many a time.

" ABRACADABRA! " he proclaimed proudly.

My husband and I tried REALLY hard not to laugh. We tried.

Have a Magical Tuesday folks!

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