Jul 31, 2010

Can you believe it Mr.Charlie Brown

Went to some yard sales today and found two scooters for the kids, a Pink Barbie House with two new Barbies and several accessories plus some vintage style play food for just a few bucks!!!

I also came across this..

I never had one as a kid but new exactly what it was when I saw it across a strangers yard. Can you believe they were asking a whole buck for it!!! I know, right?!

Can you believe I didn't buy it!!!! I know, right?!

I "tried" to practice a little self control (you know, no impulsive buying). I had already paid for the other stuff and I thought this, well this.... I REALLY didn't need !! As if the scooters, the barbie house, the Barbies and their accessories and the play food were essential.

I'm kicking myself over this one but I guess it beats buyers remorse. That will come in the next few days when I am sure I will step on of one of Barbies new shoes.

Hope you are having a good weekend! Mine is going fabulous so far :)

image via: Amazon

Jul 22, 2010

This Party is the Balm!

This Party is the Balm!
Originally uploaded by nostalgiaorganics

Came across Nostalgia Organics and fell in love with EV ERYTHING on the photostream. This particular image made me giggle.

Jul 20, 2010

aint no party lika a granny party!!!

sweet "granny chic" image found via Flickr
I'm putting this one in the big vault. I love it...it is just so sweet!
Funny thing though- grandmas in my family are actually quite hip and this looks more like something you would find at my house....except for the knitting thingy, I'm not very good with that at all, but it sure is cute!
What do you think...
Perhaps a knitting party for the little girl scout troop???

Jul 18, 2010

No Place like Home

I adore this theme for a twist on a housewarming party. I think most people would agree that there really is no place like home.

the possibilities,
the color yellow is a must, incorporate it into your invitations
yellow floral arrangements all around the home and on your table scape
have kids? Let them dress up and break out your own ruby slippers
a rainbow array of sodas seem most fitting
don't forget dessert, these cupcakes on top of the witch are brilliant and how about animal crackers for the little munchkins (lions and tigers and bears...oh my)

I know I'm only skimming the surface here. However, one last thing I propose is drafting a map or blueprint of your new house. The reason being, guests will want the grand tour and although you are always the most gracious host, you might not be able to be the tour guide each and every time. So let them follow the yellow brick road (aka-that little map I told you about) and get acquainted with your new home on their own. Have fun with drafting the map and personalize it! Identify the rooms. You can label the kids play room "munchkin land" and if you have remodeled, add some before pictures, those are always fun to share. If you have plans to decorate, include your ideas or inspiration for those spaces. It is after all, a new home... share and ENJOY!

Images: Invitation via Invitation Consultants, Girls Dorothy Dress via Sew Dainty Boutique, Witch cupcakes via Kelly Sweet Rewards Rainbow of Sodas via Project Wedding, yellow brick road via Imprintables blog, Red Vintage Bow Shoes via Ruffled Blog, Yellow table via Once Wed.com

Jul 6, 2010

A Carnival in town and the clown I never met...

Adriana recently submitted this fantastic Carnival birthday party she put together. I love all the fun details. Take a look....

as you can tell this event is darling but please visit Adriana's blog for the full load down!

side note
......amused that I actually recognized the clown pictured here. This is Lulu the clown. I never worked with her but recognized her instantly (from doing research for a client once).

Is it bad when you recognize local clowns you have never met???

Jul 4, 2010


I took a little too long to post these pictures. I would like to say that it was because I have been recovering from the rager of a ROCKSTAR party we recently styled but in all honesty it's because I am not so thrilled with my pictures (the lighting was terrible!).

However, I can say that my Cheetah Girls {slash}Hannah Montana's{slash}Bieber loving little lady's went GAGA over their little ROCKSTAR lounge.

Here goes a little glimpse....

I don't have any tattoos so this was my little opportunity:)
When I showed them to my husband when I got home, he laughed and said you should've gotten them to write SON instead!
Kicking myself over that...why didn't I think of that!

Jul 1, 2010

Time to chime

I often get questions from readers. I would love to share this one with you! Please chime in..... one and all!


I would like some input....I remember as a girl (Brady Bunch and Giligan's Island days) being woken up for a come as you are party. I would like to host a modern twist on a great idea for my 11 year old daughter. Do you have any idea or suggestions? Thank you.


anybody out there have any ideas. we would love to hear from you......

image via three potato four

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