Aug 19, 2009

After all....

A girl is allowed to change her mind, right?

So she did! Even after her resident party planner (AKA-MOM) dreamed up and purchased fabulous items for a banquet of a Kai Lan party. But that's okay...she takes after mommy AFTER ALL.

Fortunately I love and WILL get around to using all our goodies purchased in China Town a few weeks ago. Plus, I work best under pressure and with a dead line! So 3+weeks and counting for a Whimsical of a Mad Tea Party...Little Shindigs Style of course. We are FOR SURE about this we already booked Alice & the Queen of Hearts, not too sure about the Mad Hatter himself but you know him. Oh yeah...don't you know D's mom has the direct numbers to such Cinderella, Tinker Bell and EVEN Santa! Thats what she tells all her friends anyway!
Still had to share a few pics of our impromptu photo shoot for the party that we are again NOT having.Oh well, so much for my little Kai Lan...check out her FIERCE pose though. Not bad for a soon to be five year old.

The Challenge is on

The Challenge is on
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