May 4, 2009

Ni Hao

She has finally decided! It is a Kai-lan Birthday party! We have toyed with a couple ideas from Alice in Wonderland (we decided to save this one for when she gets a little older, maybe) to a Barbie pool party ( okay that one was MORE my idea) to a Princess party but we opted out of this one since her Birthday is in the heat of summer and the dressing up in princess ball gowns does not seem right.

The birthday girl and her little brother LOVE Kai-lan and when I pitched them the idea they both stood up and cheered " YES MOMMY!!! A Kai-lan party!". So now I am under pressure to put together a fabulous and FEARSE 5th birthday party. My kids see what I do everyday so they have very high standards, LOL.

We took a little trip this Sunday afternoon to Chinatown. My daughter kept on calling it China Land and was AMAZED at how FAST we got there. She also thought that all the tall buildings in adjacent downtown were soo cool and thought they were the tallest buildings she had "NEVER" seen.

Here are a few pics from our outing.

we fell in love with the parasols and picked up several!

We also picked up lanterns and other decor which I will share another day. One of my bigger projects is the Dragon boat races.I know right?! Yep still trying to figure that one out.....

She insisted she had to have these shoes for he party!

I thought these spoons were cool. I am a sucker for the simplest of things that can be transformed into a Fabulous detail in a party. Esp. when you can get a lot for very little. I picked up 40 of these for $5 and I am thinking of serving a nice hors d'oeuvre or maybe a refreshing treat. We shall see.

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Donna @ Party Wishes said...

Those spoons are great!

My daughter goes to school with the girl who voices Kai-lan! What a great theme!

Any word yet from you-know-who? What's taking so long????

michelle said...

Oh that is going to be fabulous! I can't wait to see photos. My guys are turniing 2 at the end of June and party planning has begun. If only I can decide on a theme!

kadensmommy said...

Oh Nat!!!! Dylan is such a little doll...I now need those lil mary janes as well!

Brooke Meyenberg said...

Oh how fun! Parasols and lanterns?! Can't wait to see the fun you create!

party bugs said...

so funny your thinking this theme because my daughter just loves this show! I too was thinking about having this theme. I was at IKEA this weekend they have bamboo! Also you might want to use Chinese containers! I love using them for favors.

Frost said...

how cute my lil cute gashia hahaha

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