Apr 5, 2011

First stop... NEW YORK

Sunny is new to the party scene but ready to embrace it full heartedly. She is a Party Chick ( just like me) with roots in Los Angeles and calls this blog her home. 

Her plan is to visit as many party blogs and the creative chicks behind them, within the next year or so. Sunny has agreed to send postcards from her visits and I will make sure to share them with you here.

This is a trip that I would have liked to have taken with her but duty calls for me to stay here in Los Angeles. She left this morning and although I am terribly sad to see her go, I know she is going to have a blast.

She cannot wait to land in New York. She has the Fly Guy Party to attend and the Purple Pug to meet!

 How jealous are you that she is actually going to meet Kristy? Sunny is def going places. 

Hope you will follow along.


Brittany @GreyGreyDesigns said...

SO FUN! Hope she visits me in Memphis!!!

Jill {peasandthankyous} said...

This is so stinkin cute! I would love to send Sunny an invitation for our Cowgirl party in a few weeks, there will be real chicks for her to play with (and maybe she would like a pony ride too!) Your mind is far too creative. I love it!

J. At Your Service said...

She's a worldly chick! So jealous of her. I'm definitely going to follow her travels!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

What a lucky duck Sunny is...getting to travel and party all over!
The lizard and ladybug would love to have Sunny any time...a Pirate party in May perhaps?

Can't wait to follow along :)

Gayle said...

Ooh love that idea! I can't wait to see what she uncovers in her travels. She is always welcome to visit http://www.iwillinvitations.com.au if she's wanting a place to stay in Australia!

Not Just A Mommy! said...

Love it! Get some galoshes on and an umbrella and visit us in Seattle!

Tini Posh said...

I want to travel with cool little chick!! I can't wait to see and read about all her adventures : )

Lisa ~ The SweetTalk Shop said...

This is going to be a wild ride!!! I can hardly wait to follow all her adventures!!

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