Feb 27, 2009

Step right up

It's an old-time Carnival theme party! Masterfully engineered by the pros at Party Perfect Orlando. Their clients; a family that wished to have a neighborhood celebration for no particular occasion. WOW! Talk about great neighbors.

The invitations were carnival tickets. Guests were invited to attend the family's "fairgrounds".

They rented a grand red/white striped tent. The interior of the tent was decorated with balloons and strung with festive white paper lanterns.

For entertainment,they hired a DJ, a mime and a fire juggler!

The food was all carnival themed as well, including hot pretzels, mini sliders, and sweet potato fries...YUMM!
Dessert included a flaming s'more station, and "popcorn cupcakes" set up on an old-time popcorn cart.

To top the evening off they made video flip books for the guests! Each guest recorded a 10-second video clip, and through some fine technology they made little flip books. See example here.

Inspired? I am. Next week look out for ideas on how to pull off a Carnival themed little shindig, pint size. To learn more about Party Perfect Orlando, please visit their site and their blog Mitzvah-licious.

Let them know I sent you.

images and PERFECT old-time Carnival Party- Party Perfect Orlando

Feb 26, 2009

Table for two?

A tablescape. Again. I know, and it's not even Tuesday!

Well Tardevil showed me the way and Thursdays is THE DAY to do this at Between Naps on the Porch.

So here we are, Thursday with my little Spring/Easter inspired tablescape. Now I must come clean. I did this table last year just for fun with my daughter in the comfort of her bedroom. So I am hoping I am not breaking any rules for NOT posting something I did today. If that is the case, then these other folks joining the tablescape fun today are like super-bionic table setters and have some crazy skills to publish so fast on their blogs! I mean there was 40+ when I got around to doing the Linky doodah thingy. Lots of fantastic tablescapes too. You must check it out! As for me, the newbie, I hope the group digs my "little" table for two.

are those bunny ears, you ask? Why yes they are.

okay, now it's time to give it to me straight. What do you think?

Yeah... your right, I think I may have to pull the big guns next week to impress.

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Pull up a chair!

Feb 25, 2009

Do you want to be a wrap star?

Really? Me too! When my family and I attend a party I really try my best to come up with a cute idea for a present and I try to go all out on the gift wrap. Now, I am not talking expensive so don't think this is about extravagant gift giving, it's NOT. This little gift we made for Mia's Cinderella B-day party. It was right around Halloween so I scored on a little plastic pumpkin. I painted it with some Folk paint, jazzed it up with some sparkly pipe cleaners and adorned it with some Cinderella scrap.

No, that is not Vanna White! It's our Little Snow White modeling the little creation. Cute right? Thank you, that's my daughter...but what do you think of the gift wrap?

Feb 24, 2009

Little Tablescape Tuesday

Sure the tables might sometimes be a little shorter but they deserve just as much attention. So I will say it again, Little Tablescape Tuesday!

Anyone not to clear on what is a tablescape (yes there are some people that do not subscribe to Living or read the Hostess blog everyday) not too many, but a few and that would include my DH. So for the few and you too honey...it is a design plan, an overall look that addresses the entire table or surface as well as its surroundings. A good tablescape display can set the mood for the entire event. So YES folks it is an important part of any little shindig.

Try this one on for size...

This table was for a 9th B-day party and Edel was kind to let me now share with you. It's simple yet gorgeous and you gotta love the mushrooms.Go ahead...Be inspired.

To see more of this party please visit my new friend Edel from Courtier Events.

Like this new segment? Great, let me know.
Don't like this segment?...then tell me anyway and I promise to try harder.

Party on!

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Image and Fabulous Tablescape: Courtier Events

Feb 23, 2009

Return of the Tutu

Yes folks we are still talking tutu's around here. I know we covered this theme just few posts back, but cuteness like this is meant to be shared. Fortunately for us Dawn from Not just a Mommy was kind enough to put together a quick How to for these little Ballerina and Prince topiaries.

I especially love the cute little bun with sequence detail. TOLD you it was cute! Thanks again Dawn and I am looking forward to seeing how your clients party turns out!

How to
by Dawn

For ballerina 2"

  • clay pot1 3/4" wooden doll head (flat bottomed or round is fine)

  • Folk Art acrylic paint in ballet pink and ivory (or any color of pink that matches your boa)

  • 1" black pom-pom black acrylic paint pink craft boa (I found mine at Michael's, and you'll need about 9" of boa per ballerina)

  • coordinating sequins (mine came out of a big bulk bag from Joann's, and they are about a 1/2" in diameter)

  • black and red Sharpie permanent marker

  • hot glue-gun and glue sticks

1. Paint clay pot with pink acrylic paint and doll head with ivory paint, let dry.

2. Hot glue the doll head to the bottom of the clay pot.

3. With the black and red marker, draw on her face; then take the black marker and draw on her hairline around the entire head.

4. Paint in her hair with the black paint and let dry.

5. Hot-glue on the black pom-pom for her bun, and add her hair and dress sequins.

6. DON'T pre-cut the craft boa for her tu-tu. Just start hot-gluing from the original roll. Hot-glue the boa on in sections, it will cool too fast if you put the hot glue on the pot first.Carefully wrap, hot-glue, wrap, then trim at the end. Put a tiny drop of hot-glue on the end of the boa where you cut it, then glue that on (so the boa doesn't unravel).

For prince2"

  • clay pot1 3/4" wooden doll head (flat bottomed or round is fine)

  • Folk Art acrylic paint in ivory

  • black acrylic paint

  • orange sequin (mine came out of a big bulk bag from Joann's, and they are about a 1/2" in diameter)

  • black Sharpie permanent marker

  • hot glue-gun and glue sticks

  • red felt cut into a 3" by 7" strip

  • gold glitter glue

1. Paint clay pot with black acrylic paint and doll head with ivory paint, let dry.

2. Hot glue the doll head to the bottom of the clay pot.

3. With the black marker, draw on his face; then take the black marker and draw on his hairline around the entire head.

4. Paint in his hair with the black paint and let dry.

5. Wrap him in the red felt, play around with how you want to place it, then hot-glue the top corner of the robe to his body, then overlap and hot glue the second corner. Be careful, the hot-glue seeps through the felt a little, so hot-glue on his button to cover that.

6. Outline his robe in the glitter glue.

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Feb 20, 2009

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To Get to Kendal's Birthday Party!

Can you believe this party? I had to look twice. YES it is a CHICKEN party. The birthday girl is a big fan of these feathered cuties and so her 5th b-day party was centered around this theme. Her mom Dusti, whipped up this little shindig. Hold on to your feathers and get ready to marvel at all the cute details. She made these great invitations. A Googly eyed Chicken in an ever so dashing party hat asking that big question.
She also made a matching chicken banner. As you can see a few of Sandra Boynton Stuffed chickens were also in attendance for the festivities.The kids got to take them home as favors

Activities included a musical chicken game and a game of rooster-rooster-CHICKEN!

Aalong with Pin the beak on the chicken.

As for the cake. the Birthday girl requested that she be on top of the cake with her 3 chickens (her three stuffed chickens) . The cupcake idea came from Wilton's "Cupcake Fun" book and Dusti credits the Fondant chicken idea to Maisie Parrish . She said it was her first time doing fondant sculptured animals/people.

Now let me know what YOU think.

I for one love that Kendal likes chickens so much, her birthday is centered around this theme and two-that Dusti did not shy away from a particularly difficult theme. Don't know about you, but I don't recall seeing any chicken party items at Party City lately

Fantastic job Dusti and thank you again for letting me share your sweet party.

Party on!

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Images and Fabulous party: Dustin Nakamura

Feb 19, 2009

Vintage va-voom

Umm Hello? When did this happen and why didn't anyone tell me. It's like vintage va-voom with extra long satin strings?! Heavenly Hostess, I am in awe. First of all they are down right gorgeous, second of all from what I understand they are made with satins, embellished lace and organza fabrics, including beading and specialty trims. I mean, COME ON... they are prettier than some of my cocktail dresses!
I know you want one too. Sure they are fantastic for that cocktail party you'll be hosting soon but you know you are fabulous enough to rock the cupcake one at Juniors 5th b-day. Right?! Right.

Feb 18, 2009

Candid over Cheese

This Amex commercial is hilarious, if it was only that easy to shoot Timmy's party again! I often find myself wishing I had taken more pictures or if only the angle was a little better. Now I could never be Scorsese but I can certainly work on bettering my skills.

I found this article that offers good picture taking tips . Like keeping the lens at eye level for more intimate and involved-in-the-moment pictures and taking candids over cheese. Check it out...you put so much time and effort into your little shindigs, you might as well capture it well.

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Feb 17, 2009

What the Grown ups are up to...

I sometimes get a little distracted doing the "kids party thing" to notice what all the grown ups are up to. So forgive me if this is old news to you. I recently discovered My Punchbowl -a free website that allows "hosts to celebrate life's milestones in their own way. My Punchbowl's innovative features are specifically designed to give people the ability to personalize their events and customize their eCards". It seems like an interesting platform to do all your party planning, especially YOUR little shindigs. Check them out and while you are there say Hi toPenelope for me .

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Feb 16, 2009

How do you say "Fabulous" in Swedish?

That was my big question last week. I had made a new friend...from Sweden (You gotta love the net). Anyways, we met through common interests, I will give you one guess..YES she is a party enthusiast . Her name is Jenny, she also has a blog ( in Swedish).
This is what she recently did for her daughters Sofie's 3rf birthday. It was a my Little Pony party (funny because I was in the middle of my pony party research last week when she found me) but anyways, check out what she did.

Cute Invites:
Sweet decor:

Delicious treats! are those horse shoes?? Why yes they are! Theme inspired activities.
Show ribbons?! Brilliant, I tell you. and adorable treat bags:Thank you Jenny for sharing this wonderful little party with us. You have great ideas here and I hope readers will take some inspiration.
By the way folks...this party is sagolikt..that's Swedish for FABULOUS!

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Do you have Fabulous Little Shindig to share with us? E-mail me all the fantastic details, I would love to hear from you.

Feb 13, 2009

Let Love Rain

Forecast for Southern California...Rain with high chance of CHOCOLATE!!!
Happy Valentines Day...enjoy the weekend!

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Feb 11, 2009

Woohoo, yippy and Hooray!

Welcome Stem readers! Woohoo this is a big Day for me...I am so happy you are here. If you didn't follow from Amy's blog ...I'm happy you are here too, but to loop you in, I have been featured today at Stem and it is a BIG deal for me. I am a big fan of Amy's work. If you don't know who I am talking about, do yourself a favor and check her out.
I found her blog shortly after I had planned my Dr. Seuss Party when her Twin Thing Party was spotlighted at the Hostess Blog.....yeah I know! I'm telling you guys she is a big hitter in the Fabulous world of entertaining! I have been hooked on her blog ever since. So yeah my day, better yet MY WEEK is complete. Thanks again Amy.

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Twinkle Toes

I had a request recently from a reader for ideas for a 4 Year olds Ballerina birthday party. This is such a great theme. My first thought was of the little vintage ballerina candles. Then I thought about Angelina Ballerina which is just so sweet but in keeping with my usual style, I will opt for vintage ballerina ala Sugar Plum Fairy...at least for this post:)

what about tickets to the Ballet?

side note: you have a so many ballets to choose from, most recognizable; the Nutcracker of course, Swan Lake or Cinderella are easy choices.

Okay now back to this Sugar plum event and the decor....I'm thinking pom poms.

Like these from Martha Stewart on a table set with all things pretty; delicate linens with tulle overlays, tiara's at each setting and a cupcake tower topped with little dancing ballerinas.For a little whimsy you can throw in an old jewelry box.
and a few nutcrackers here and there. Don't forget your Ballet music!

If you are so inclined you could also make tutus for all the ballerinas. It's not hard and quite inexpensive since you really only need tulle and elastic. See here. Be warned it will take you a while so give yourself ample time. I have made many just watching TV. If you decide to make the tutus, you can use them as part if the decor, perhaps prop them on each chair to welcome all the little Ballerinas. This would make great pictures and lot of happy little Ballerinas.

On the Menu:
Crossants, mini sandwiches, fruite, chocolate strawberries and pink lemonade. You can use a cookie cutters to shape the sandwiches in hearts or flowers. For Cake ideas take a look at this.

If you have a large miror I would use it for the little Prima ballerinas to practice there techniques. Here is a good place that breaks down some steps anybody could teach. Another option is to ask someone from the local ballet school to teach a short lesson at the party. It does not have to be a teacher but they might be able to reccomend an older student that may be inclined to make an apperence at the grand event. You also might alreday know someone, perhaps your neace or maybe a neighbor that could put their ballet expertice to woork.

other activities:
Ballerina says: Just like Simom says but practicing some of their new ballerina moves.
Hot Potatoe but wilth a preety wand or a ballet shoe.
Musical Tiaras. Place them on a table and have the ballerinas dance around the table and place a tiara on their head when the music stops to stay in the game.

Ballerina Slipper Bags

filled with Fairy Dust
and Fairy Wands . How about mim silk rose bouqets?
Well Janelle, this is where my curtain falls. I hope this helped a little.. I am sure your party will be Fantastic! So I hope you have been practicing your bau.


FYI: Ballet terms here

Images for mood board listed here:

The Challenge is on

The Challenge is on
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