Feb 10, 2009

How much is that Party in the window?

Interesting article here about how lavish kids parties are being trimmed down in today's economy. I think everyone is making cuts as they see fit.
Will you be cutting out "entertaining" this year?

Party On...or not?

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1 comment:

Joanne Kennedy said...

I don't have children but I do have a darling little niece that I throw a birthday party and a Hallwoeen party for every year. I like to go all out and plan for the whole year. I search and search for little ideas to make the party more special and different then the normal parties out there.

I learned how to decorate cakes so I could make sure she always has a special cake or cup cakes.

To me the little touches are what makes the party special. So I pay attention to details.

It is harder to come up with the money these days so we have cut down the amount of kids she invites. Rather then the whole class she now invites her good friends only.

I agree with the story that by the parents going to the parties now it makes the cost go sky high. I wish there was a good way to say the party is for kids only.


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