Feb 16, 2009

How do you say "Fabulous" in Swedish?

That was my big question last week. I had made a new friend...from Sweden (You gotta love the net). Anyways, we met through common interests, I will give you one guess..YES she is a party enthusiast . Her name is Jenny, she also has a blog ( in Swedish).
This is what she recently did for her daughters Sofie's 3rf birthday. It was a my Little Pony party (funny because I was in the middle of my pony party research last week when she found me) but anyways, check out what she did.

Cute Invites:
Sweet decor:

Delicious treats! are those horse shoes?? Why yes they are! Theme inspired activities.
Show ribbons?! Brilliant, I tell you. and adorable treat bags:Thank you Jenny for sharing this wonderful little party with us. You have great ideas here and I hope readers will take some inspiration.
By the way folks...this party is sagolikt..that's Swedish for FABULOUS!

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Do you have Fabulous Little Shindig to share with us? E-mail me all the fantastic details, I would love to hear from you.


michelle said...

Wow, love it, especially the photo of the table! Love your new blog design also :)

Michelle@Everyday Celebrating said...

ugh! For some reason you keep falling off my google reader. And then all of the sudden, I realize it and have to hunt ya down. LOL :)
Love the swedish party. I saw that the other day.

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