Feb 11, 2009

Twinkle Toes

I had a request recently from a reader for ideas for a 4 Year olds Ballerina birthday party. This is such a great theme. My first thought was of the little vintage ballerina candles. Then I thought about Angelina Ballerina which is just so sweet but in keeping with my usual style, I will opt for vintage ballerina ala Sugar Plum Fairy...at least for this post:)

what about tickets to the Ballet?

side note: you have a so many ballets to choose from, most recognizable; the Nutcracker of course, Swan Lake or Cinderella are easy choices.

Okay now back to this Sugar plum event and the decor....I'm thinking pom poms.

Like these from Martha Stewart on a table set with all things pretty; delicate linens with tulle overlays, tiara's at each setting and a cupcake tower topped with little dancing ballerinas.For a little whimsy you can throw in an old jewelry box.
and a few nutcrackers here and there. Don't forget your Ballet music!

If you are so inclined you could also make tutus for all the ballerinas. It's not hard and quite inexpensive since you really only need tulle and elastic. See here. Be warned it will take you a while so give yourself ample time. I have made many just watching TV. If you decide to make the tutus, you can use them as part if the decor, perhaps prop them on each chair to welcome all the little Ballerinas. This would make great pictures and lot of happy little Ballerinas.

On the Menu:
Crossants, mini sandwiches, fruite, chocolate strawberries and pink lemonade. You can use a cookie cutters to shape the sandwiches in hearts or flowers. For Cake ideas take a look at this.

If you have a large miror I would use it for the little Prima ballerinas to practice there techniques. Here is a good place that breaks down some steps anybody could teach. Another option is to ask someone from the local ballet school to teach a short lesson at the party. It does not have to be a teacher but they might be able to reccomend an older student that may be inclined to make an apperence at the grand event. You also might alreday know someone, perhaps your neace or maybe a neighbor that could put their ballet expertice to woork.

other activities:
Ballerina says: Just like Simom says but practicing some of their new ballerina moves.
Hot Potatoe but wilth a preety wand or a ballet shoe.
Musical Tiaras. Place them on a table and have the ballerinas dance around the table and place a tiara on their head when the music stops to stay in the game.

Ballerina Slipper Bags

filled with Fairy Dust
and Fairy Wands . How about mim silk rose bouqets?
Well Janelle, this is where my curtain falls. I hope this helped a little.. I am sure your party will be Fantastic! So I hope you have been practicing your bau.


FYI: Ballet terms here

Images for mood board listed here:

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Antowedding said...

Hi, my name is Antonella I know you in flickr, my english is poor, sorry.
But your works it´s great!!!!

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