Feb 25, 2009

Do you want to be a wrap star?

Really? Me too! When my family and I attend a party I really try my best to come up with a cute idea for a present and I try to go all out on the gift wrap. Now, I am not talking expensive so don't think this is about extravagant gift giving, it's NOT. This little gift we made for Mia's Cinderella B-day party. It was right around Halloween so I scored on a little plastic pumpkin. I painted it with some Folk paint, jazzed it up with some sparkly pipe cleaners and adorned it with some Cinderella scrap.

No, that is not Vanna White! It's our Little Snow White modeling the little creation. Cute right? Thank you, that's my daughter...but what do you think of the gift wrap?


abigail @ Piece of Cake said...

very cute! both your daughter and the gift wrap... the best ive been able to come up with lately is brown paper with colored masking tape. i give up.

michelle said...

Love it...of course! And how special did the birthday girl feel with Snow White delivering it :)

lisalyn said...

Presentation is so important and this is perfect!!

I think your blog is awesome and I have given you an award. :)

A Cupcake Life said...

Love them, the gift wrap and your cute daughter! Our next party is a Sleeping Beauty party, next month!

georgikids said...

Soooo cute! That was a GREAT idea! You are so creative! Just found your blog! LOVE it! Will be a follower for sure!

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