Jun 24, 2010

Adventures in Baby Showers

Sneak peak to a shower I styled last weekend. The honoree happened to be my old roommate Lizette. We shared a fabulous little place in Burbank many years ago .....until she one day decided she needed to go and live in London for a while!
She has since returned to the states (has lived in Alaska, Oregon and now back to California to be exact). BTW-Throw in a few vacations to Mexico and Europe and the Caribbean in between. To say she is the adventurous type would be an understatement!
Anyway, I really wanted to do something woodsy, boy-ish and some how tie in a bit of HER personality -hence my "campy" baby shower theme. That's campy with smores and cute woodland creatures not campy like an old Bette Midler Las Vegas show. If you don't get that- don't worry about it (it isnt that funny) and move along.....
but I promise it turned out cute and I cant wait to share more with you soon!

Jun 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Woohoo!!!! the US team advances and it just happens to be my birthday! Hooray for today:)

Jun 9, 2010

Little treasures

My daughter has been holding on to a large pink "diamond" that fell off a plastic ring.
She LOVES "fancy jewelry" and I wonder what she would think of these???

My girly girl would probably think it needs some bling but I just gotta tell her its Vintage style.
Vintage trumps bling in this household:)

Jun 7, 2010

Purple Reign

Sorry LA fans but we aint talking Lakers here. I may be from LA but basketball?... umm......not so much.

I'm talking about the Pug...the Purple Pug!
As if there was any other?!!!

Party fans...I'm excited to report that it has indeed reopened and it is SWEET!

So check it out and say hello to glitter queen for me.
Kristy is BEYOND cool and her blog is one that I do visit regularly. Totally Truthing!
Don't know her yet? Well ya should!!!

Jun 1, 2010

Alive and sneezing

Sorry for the silence, I'm still here and sneezing (I have had a terrible time with allergies this year!) but I am finishing up details for a "little shindig" this Saturday and I also have some sweet party submissions that I cant wait to share. So please stay tuned!

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The Challenge is on
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