Oct 29, 2010

It's almost SHOWTIME

The Children's Party Network's First Team Challenge is in full swing...everyone get in your places it's almost SHOWTIME!

If you are out of the loop...please read the Pugs recap HERE. Just ignore the thing about the East Coast taking it...that is a typo!

Kristy and I want to introduce our fabulous sponsors that have come on board to donate goods to our Tablescape Throw Down. Thank you a million times over for being so supportive and generous of our little adventure.

May Arts~Beautiful & quality ribbon has been donated to both teams.

Plates and Napkins~Gorgeous paper partyware, napkins, plates, cutlery and accessories have been donated to both teams for styling and for auction.

Dough A Deer~Has graciously DOUGHnated delicious and adorable mini donuts for both tablescapes, as well as, for both auction winners.

Thank you to everyone involved for their generosity. We are excited and looking forward to the showdown!

Oct 19, 2010

And they called it ....Puggy Luv

Pug Crush of the Day
Don't be all jealous. How could the Pug resist, right?! 
Sadly... She will be on to numero tres tomorrow and I will be just another post on her purple boggy blog (sobbing).
I think I will grab a six pack of this and drown my sorrows.


Oct 17, 2010

two truths and a lie {ice breakers}

  1. I am currently following 207 blogs!
  2. When I follow, I have every intention to...... "follow"
  3. I read every single post from my favorite 207 blogs.

Scary business sense

The family and I went out today for our regular weekend date (lunch and a little shopping). No need to be jealous, that usually means Pizza and the shoe store, my kids grow out of shoes very fast. Anyways, today's trip was to pick out costumes. I was quite excited! I happen to be a fan of Halloween and I needed a break from deciding between Iron man or buzz light year shoes.

The first shop we visited was filled with morbid and gory decor. Unfortunately that wasn't the worst part, you needed a flashlight to get around. Literally. The light was dreadful!!! I was so annoyed we ended up walking out.

The next shop was a lot better. They still had the scary decor but at least they had decent lighting. We were finally able to pick out some costumes. My disappointing shopping trip got me thinking. "AM I THE ONLY ONE ANNOYED BY THE STYLE OF HALLOWEEN STORES OUT THERE?". Honestly, not very young family friendly, AT ALL! Gory, bloody, dreadful lighting...don't get me started on the inappropriate costumes.

I love, LOVE Halloween but I cant say I am a fan of this trend. Am I the only one who thinks this way? Tell me I am not alone...THAT would be scary!

Oct 9, 2010

Apology letter

 Dear Bloggy Blog,

This is a little uncomfortable...but I feel like I owe you an explanation. You see....the truth is, I have been hanging out over at the network...EVERY NIGHT since it opened! I know, I know. That is a bit obsessive (even for me). I just cant help it. I am making new friends, discovering new shops and chatting with my party people from New York to the West Coast  and everywhere in between. Some nights ...I event stay up and talk to Australia! :)

I'm sorry...I don't mean to gloat.

I just wanted to say I am sorry and I hope we can make this work. We have been together for a while now and we cant get a little Network get in between us (hee hee...its almost 500members strong).

no, no, no ....I am not gloating again. I am just really excited that we are talking again.

So how have you been?

The Challenge is on

The Challenge is on
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