Sep 30, 2009

Big in Japan

working title...

Got these Japanese 1960's coin banks at one of my local spots. The owl was hiding behind the counter and caught my eye. The gal at the store told me few others had come in that day and they were still in a box...I couldn't resist. Come on they are too cute!!! I am not an avid collector of anything in particular but I have to admit, I buy stuff just to look at it!

I was watching the Rachelle Zoe project one night and she said the same thing about some vintage dresses. She said something like-she may not ever wear them but she has to buy them just so she can look at them. I totally GOT that.
Okay so its not vintage Chanel dresses but maybe they are big in Japan?

My initial idea was to simulate some sort of carousel but not too sure I did that here.

So we are just going with the "cute" factor instead.
Yep, definitely the cute factor! ummm yes, that would be an elephant with a little bird on its trunk........Bananas right?!
(Rachelle Zoe-ism anyone?)

Happy Tablescape Thursday!!!!!

Sep 27, 2009

Happy Un-Birthday

A happy un-birthday it was! My daughters 5th birthday party happened a couple weeks past her actual birth date (oops). But it was a blast!

We had fun putting together this Mad Tea Party, on a strict budget mind you. Fortunately for us my garage is full of "stuff". My aunt, a costume maker made this darling Little Alice dress for her. My kid sis always the sport, dressed up and played the part of the Queen of Hearts.

Also, my dear friend Chris baked some cupcakes with the perfect shade of Blue. Gracias Christinita!

I have to apologize for the quality of lighting in the pictures. I promise you it was darling and if you would like to see more then just follow the white rabbit or perhaps just follow this link here.

Aug 19, 2009

After all....

A girl is allowed to change her mind, right?

So she did! Even after her resident party planner (AKA-MOM) dreamed up and purchased fabulous items for a banquet of a Kai Lan party. But that's okay...she takes after mommy AFTER ALL.

Fortunately I love and WILL get around to using all our goodies purchased in China Town a few weeks ago. Plus, I work best under pressure and with a dead line! So 3+weeks and counting for a Whimsical of a Mad Tea Party...Little Shindigs Style of course. We are FOR SURE about this we already booked Alice & the Queen of Hearts, not too sure about the Mad Hatter himself but you know him. Oh yeah...don't you know D's mom has the direct numbers to such Cinderella, Tinker Bell and EVEN Santa! Thats what she tells all her friends anyway!
Still had to share a few pics of our impromptu photo shoot for the party that we are again NOT having.Oh well, so much for my little Kai Lan...check out her FIERCE pose though. Not bad for a soon to be five year old.

Jun 23, 2009

itz my birfday!!

Yes folks its my birthday. I am (long sigh) 34 today. Nothing special as usual! However, I may need to sneak a visit to a cupcake shop around the corner. Calories DON'T count on you birthday right?!

Here is a picture I wanted to share from about 32 years ago. This is my cousin Sergio's 2nd b-day I believe. That's me on the left with a HAND FULL of candy ( must have made out well at the Pinata) and yes I am trying to blow out my cousin's candles. My cousin and I were inseparable in our toddler years. He now lives in San Francisco and I don't get to see him much. So this picture made me smile today.

I know what you might be thinking.."Who is that sharply dressed young boy on the right?"

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May 25, 2009



My son will be 3 this years but I am thinking this theme might be fun for his 4th. Now I know the correct term is "fore" but I think it would be funny anyway.

My son goes to the driving range with his dad and owns his own set of irons. His little golf bag sits next to daddy's. On Sunday morning I tell him Dad went to "work" while he is actually at the course but it saves me from the tears and the heartbreak me it is HEARTBREAK! He absolutely LOVES golf and will actually sit and watch tournaments with his dad.
As for me, well I am a TERRIBLE golfer and my little Tiger already has a better swing then me and by "better" I mean he hits the golf ball every time he swings. If you haven't tried me it is A LOT harder than it looks.

Anyways, I think it would be a fun theme to develop (I have some time). I am thinking a Tourney and a clubhouse...maybe I can even have a little Green Jackets made!
Wha do ya' say??

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May 21, 2009

One worm or Two?

This theme is a bit earthier then my usual style but I still LOVE it. What a sweet idea for a party. A gardening party with real dirt and plants and okay maybe some cute gardening gloves and new clogs. You can even serve muddy water ( orange juice and cola) I know it sounds gross but it's not that bad actually. Just don't' forget to garnish with a gummy worm. YUMMY!

... lettuce patch
Originally uploaded by
imagine childhood

May 4, 2009

sore looser!

Boo hoo I DID NOT WIN!!!! The Startup Nation competition for the 200 moms in leading business of 2009 revealed their winners and NOPE we are not in there, but that's okay ( trying not to cry).

I do, however on a very serious note want to thank all the fabulous people that were voting and pulling for us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!

and to the winners a big *congratulations*. To learn more about them click her.

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Ni Hao

She has finally decided! It is a Kai-lan Birthday party! We have toyed with a couple ideas from Alice in Wonderland (we decided to save this one for when she gets a little older, maybe) to a Barbie pool party ( okay that one was MORE my idea) to a Princess party but we opted out of this one since her Birthday is in the heat of summer and the dressing up in princess ball gowns does not seem right.

The birthday girl and her little brother LOVE Kai-lan and when I pitched them the idea they both stood up and cheered " YES MOMMY!!! A Kai-lan party!". So now I am under pressure to put together a fabulous and FEARSE 5th birthday party. My kids see what I do everyday so they have very high standards, LOL.

We took a little trip this Sunday afternoon to Chinatown. My daughter kept on calling it China Land and was AMAZED at how FAST we got there. She also thought that all the tall buildings in adjacent downtown were soo cool and thought they were the tallest buildings she had "NEVER" seen.

Here are a few pics from our outing.

we fell in love with the parasols and picked up several!

We also picked up lanterns and other decor which I will share another day. One of my bigger projects is the Dragon boat races.I know right?! Yep still trying to figure that one out.....

She insisted she had to have these shoes for he party!

I thought these spoons were cool. I am a sucker for the simplest of things that can be transformed into a Fabulous detail in a party. Esp. when you can get a lot for very little. I picked up 40 of these for $5 and I am thinking of serving a nice hors d'oeuvre or maybe a refreshing treat. We shall see.

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May 2, 2009


A big shout out and Thank you to Joanna over at Let's Entertain for the fabulous write up on our " Let Them Eat Cake" party scape. The Fabulous Joanna who you might also know from Hostess Jo spotlighted us on Friday calling our party scape a "Grand Shindig". Can I just tell you I *blush* every time I say that.
Thanks again Joanna!

Please check out the post and make sure to visit Hostess Jo .

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Apr 27, 2009

Let them eat Cake!

This little porcelain doll below was the inspiration for my party scape for Baby & Tween Celebration LA this past weekend. When I found her, I immediately thought of Coppola's -Marie Antoinette film. I recalled how fantastic the set design and costumes were and started dreaming up this opulent little shindig.

as presented at the exhibit:
Let Them Eat Cake!

Inspired by Marie Antoinette and
today’s cupcake revolution,
Little Shindigs brings to you a
Gala filled with French Victorian flair
A delectable mix of sweet treats, extravagant decor
and indulgent party grandeur!
We will roll out the carpet for you and your honored guests to another…
yet Fabulous time!

Because treating your guests to anything other than the finest cupcakes would be a travesty

and this is the part where you think I am crazy. I spray painted an iron candle holder (hot pink). Put a crown on the bird ( yes, also hot pink). Constructed a candle out of a pink chalk, hot glue and glitter. Yes, it had to sparkle and with out a flame! Just for kicks, I lined the carriage the princess sat in with sparkly fabric. Oh yeah and although you cant really tell. She has a window in her carriage...and there is the tiniest little PINK bird seating on the window sill. No, I am not crazy. Then again, I did also build her a chandelier inside the carriage. Okay, maybe just a little crazy.Perhaps I should just show you some more pictures.

This was the table I put my info on. A description of the Party/Inspiration (as you read above)
Some porcelain flowers and Victorian figures (can't see them here but they were there) and my business cards were on a pink glass dish on top of some fake Pink bling and it illuminated from below. The picture does not do it justice but it looked really nice. I even ran out of business cards. I think that's a good sign:)

I have more pictures and I will share them soon..maybe on the Little Shindigs Facebook page. Stay tuned. But for now, please tell me what you think. Is it too much? Did I go overboard?Maybe too extravagant...I really hope you think so:)

As for the competition. This is what we are up against:

High School Musical Cheer Party!" by Cheer Mania
Designer: Michelle Boehle

Safari Jungle Party!" by One Fine Party
Designer: Cheryl Victor

Enchanted Garden"by Party Divine
Designer: Heeli Jeng

"Mary Poppins Tea Party" by Party Wishes
Designer:Donna Collins

I was totally excited about Party Wishes being there. Yes folks that is the brilliant and fellow blogger Donna . I only new her through her blog and it was great meeting her.

Donna, It was great meeting you. I am a big fan of your work and you are so sweet!

Donna was going around handing cookies to her booth neighbors on the day of set up:) Her partyscape was amazing. The carousal horses were darling.

My kids scored that night as we inherited two of them after the show.

Thanks again Donna!

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