May 2, 2009


A big shout out and Thank you to Joanna over at Let's Entertain for the fabulous write up on our " Let Them Eat Cake" party scape. The Fabulous Joanna who you might also know from Hostess Jo spotlighted us on Friday calling our party scape a "Grand Shindig". Can I just tell you I *blush* every time I say that.
Thanks again Joanna!

Please check out the post and make sure to visit Hostess Jo .

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Joanna said...

Aw you are too sweet! Thank you so much. I love all of your parties and am so glad you wanted me to write about one!

Courtney said...

Natalie-I found you thru Hostess Jo's blog and loved the pictures there and here of your "Grand Shindig" :) Your work is fabulous! Have a great Sunday!

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