Apr 27, 2009

Let them eat Cake!

This little porcelain doll below was the inspiration for my party scape for Baby & Tween Celebration LA this past weekend. When I found her, I immediately thought of Coppola's -Marie Antoinette film. I recalled how fantastic the set design and costumes were and started dreaming up this opulent little shindig.

as presented at the exhibit:
Let Them Eat Cake!

Inspired by Marie Antoinette and
today’s cupcake revolution,
Little Shindigs brings to you a
Gala filled with French Victorian flair
A delectable mix of sweet treats, extravagant decor
and indulgent party grandeur!
We will roll out the carpet for you and your honored guests to another…
yet Fabulous time!

Because treating your guests to anything other than the finest cupcakes would be a travesty

and this is the part where you think I am crazy. I spray painted an iron candle holder (hot pink). Put a crown on the bird ( yes, also hot pink). Constructed a candle out of a pink chalk, hot glue and glitter. Yes, it had to sparkle and with out a flame! Just for kicks, I lined the carriage the princess sat in with sparkly fabric. Oh yeah and although you cant really tell. She has a window in her carriage...and there is the tiniest little PINK bird seating on the window sill. No, I am not crazy. Then again, I did also build her a chandelier inside the carriage. Okay, maybe just a little crazy.Perhaps I should just show you some more pictures.

This was the table I put my info on. A description of the Party/Inspiration (as you read above)
Some porcelain flowers and Victorian figures (can't see them here but they were there) and my business cards were on a pink glass dish on top of some fake Pink bling and it illuminated from below. The picture does not do it justice but it looked really nice. I even ran out of business cards. I think that's a good sign:)

I have more pictures and I will share them soon..maybe on the Little Shindigs Facebook page. Stay tuned. But for now, please tell me what you think. Is it too much? Did I go overboard?Maybe too extravagant...I really hope you think so:)

As for the competition. This is what we are up against:

High School Musical Cheer Party!" by Cheer Mania
Designer: Michelle Boehle

Safari Jungle Party!" by One Fine Party
Designer: Cheryl Victor

Enchanted Garden"by Party Divine
Designer: Heeli Jeng

"Mary Poppins Tea Party" by Party Wishes
Designer:Donna Collins

I was totally excited about Party Wishes being there. Yes folks that is the brilliant and fellow blogger Donna . I only new her through her blog and it was great meeting her.

Donna, It was great meeting you. I am a big fan of your work and you are so sweet!

Donna was going around handing cookies to her booth neighbors on the day of set up:) Her partyscape was amazing. The carousal horses were darling.

My kids scored that night as we inherited two of them after the show.

Thanks again Donna!

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Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Natalie, the booth is Amazing! You put so much work into it. Good luck with the voting and the business leads.

Setting the Mood said...

How fun! That's great you two met in person!! Great job both of you!!

Ms. Jasmine said...

I Love it I knew you would rock! Adorable.

Donna @ Party Wishes said...

It's so nice to see all of the little deatils in your booth. It was so nice to have met you! I had a wonderful time with you and I hope that our paths will cross again!

I love reading your blog for inspiration!

Have you heard the voting results yet? I haven't.

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

your party set up looks absolutely amazing!!! nice job!

lisalyn said...

I wish I could have been there...looks like a party girls dream! :)

Your party looks amazing!!!
Lots of fun details which I think makes a party special.
Good luck on the voting.

Frost said...

i love the menu part hahhah . and of coursehe kids hahah

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