Apr 15, 2009


Hope every one is having Fabulous week and sorry for the recent scattered posts. My kids "social" itinerary has been quite a handful lately. I am sure many of you can relate. The balance between the family , the business and all the other things have definitely taken a toll lately. But that's okay.I will find my groove, eventually.
Hope you will stick around to see me through it.
But you know what? It really isn't that bad on this Blog ......you should see my other blog " Mommy likes to party" I haven't posted in over a MONTH!
Bad Blogger, BAD, BAD, Blogger!!!

Anyways, come back tomorrow and I will have a BRAND NEW & fantastic post for you...I think.

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Brenda said...

It is nice to have you back! It is always hard to find a good balance - especially at the end of the school year when everything seems to happen at once!

michelle said...

When you find that balance...send some my way :)

lisalyn said...

Did you sneak into my mind and write this post for me?? :)
I have to get back on track myself.
But for tonight....nope.

I will stick around to see you through for sure!

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