Sep 30, 2008

Get your Groovy on...

To kick of this month of spooky I have chosen one of my all time favorite cartoon shows as an inspiration for a very smashing party. The Groovy Goolies from the early 70's (did I just totally date myself) was a take off of Filmation's The Archie Show with a monster bent. Goolies were a group of hip monsters, many of whom were horror-film monsters created in the 1930s and 1940s. There was Frankie, Wolfie, Mummy, Drac and many many more.

So why not break out all that stuff you have left from that old 70's party, hook up the disco ball and invite a few of your closest and friendliest little monsters....and go get your groovy on!
Credits: Groovy Goolies image(the secret cinema) 70's flowers(coolchaser) retro masks and disco balls (plum party) cupcake and candy creatures (Martha Stewart)

Sep 29, 2008

P is for ....

Elmo may say P is for Party but maybe P should be for Punk.
How fun is this theme? Sure...a little alternative but how fabulous are those punk rock cupcakes and come often do you see a rubber ducky with studs.
So how about a 1st b-day or even a baby shower for the hippest of parents. Don't forget the Social D.
If you don't know who that is... stick to Elmo.
credits: Guitars, paper wear, and tatto bandages (Plum Party) Fun P is Punk T (The Cradle Rocks) Punk Rock Cupcakes (Cosmos Cupcakes by smcgees) Rubber Ducks (Totally Funky)

Captured Fairies

Found these at the Captured Jar Fairies site. I think they are the sweetest little jars ever!Perfect for a Fairy or Pixie party. I can see them as decorations for a whimsical table scape or better yet for an ever so enchanting party favor.
Learn more about the artist and her creations at Captured Jar Fairies.

image: fairy enchantment

Sep 28, 2008

Give away- Peppers & Pollywogs

Lisa Kothari is the president and founder of Peppers and Polywogs (a web-based company that is all about kids parties). She has organized hundreds of parties for children of different ages using a vast array of inventive themes, in Washington D.C., New York City, and Seattle. Her recent book "Dear Peppers and Pollywogs...what parents want to know about planning their kids' parties" is great resource for anyone.

If you have ever asked ...How many kids should we invite? or How do you return the fish your child received as a party favor? You need this book!
Lisa has generously sent me a couple copies of her book and I will be giving one away. Please leave a comment here and we will put your name in the "Party-Hat". We will draw a winner on October 19, 2008

Good Luck!

Sep 27, 2008

Spooky yet fabulous

One month long of spookyness, starting October 1st.

From party themes and costume ideas- to spooky crafts and kid friendly Halloween decor.

Hope you will visit often...scaredy cats welcome.

Sep 26, 2008

Mad Science

Absolutely smitten with the Tangarang blog. Kira recently posted this fantastic mood board on her blog for an absolutely incredible Science Party .
She shares some great ideas for favors such as lab coats, magnifying glasses and test tubes filled with treats.
She also offers these suggestions:
American Science for petri dishes, test tubes and beakers for all kinds of scientific fun!
Steve Spangler Science for experiments and other goodies!

Who new science could look so hip? Well, aside from Kira and that blue guy...

To visit Kira's blog and read her full post on kids science party ideas, please click here.

Thanks Kira!

credits: clockwise from top left: super fun ring made from shrinky dink by Broken Fingers Art, beautiful microscope print by Electric Boogaloo, experiment shown in Martha Stewart, colorful beakers from Natural News, This Periodic Table Shower Curtain from Neatorama would make a great tablecloth or backdrop, Love the crazy colors of this table setting by R. Jack Balthazar, And of course how could you do without Albert Einstein, Fun colored snowcones shown on Brides, string of bright colored lights, Cute molecularly-inspired necklace by rickrackrow, setting the scene at Cookie Magazine, Bouncy Atomic Balls from Rhode Island Novelty, Center: colorful petri dishes from Scientifics.

Sep 25, 2008

Mad Tea Party

Vanessa Valencia is an amazing artist from Arizona. Her blog, a Fanciful Twist is one of the most beautiful and magical blogs out there.

This image is only a small peak into what she created for a Mad Tea Party. A party like this would be magical no matter your age.

When planning a tea for your kids birthday party or maybe just for fun, take some inspiration from this artist and make it a whimsical delight.

To see more images of this party please visit a fanciful twist.

image: a fanciful twist

Sep 24, 2008

Change is good

We are currently going through some changes .We are no longer Plan, Party and Repeat. We are now the Little Shinidgs blog.

This blog will be completely dedicated to bringing you more kids party ideas, crafts and hopefully inspire you to make your next Little Shindig nothing less than fabulous. If you enjoyed any of my personal posts I hope you will visit my spanking new personal blog at Mommy Likes to Party. Sorry Honey...this "blogging thing" is way too much fun.

We apologize for the interruption, we will now return you to this blog already in progress.

Sep 23, 2008

Hello Bento

What little girl doesn't love Hello Kitty? ...Um hello have you ever walked into a Sanrio store? As children, my little sister and I were obsessed with cutie pies like My Melody and Keroppi. Now a days there are so many to choose, but Hello Kitty remains a classic!

I am certainly not inventing this theme, in fact you can now find paper ware/party ware at Target stores. I do however suggest to take the theme a little bit further with the only thing that is possibly cuter than Hello Kitty, the Bento boxes.

Now, what to put in those cute little boxes. Well from what I understand, traditional bento consists of rice, fish or meat and one or more pickled or cooked vegetable. My kids would probably only eat the rice. So I would actually make some candy sushi. There is a great how to at not marha.

The candy sushi making would also be a great activity at the party.You can set up a big table like a sushi bar with lanterns and soji screens everywhere. Talk your husband into dressing up like a sushi chef and walla or should I say irasshaimasu.

For a boys party just scratch the hello kitty and go sumo. Find some great costumes here.

Don't forget the thank you cards...Domo arigato.

Sep 21, 2008

drum roll please

Oh...I just cannot wait so drum roll please....It's Real Life Confections!Featuring real people; mom's, dad's, kids and anybody doing fabulous things in the baking world in the month of November here at the Little Shindigs blog. I am not a baker but I have a great affinity for delicious confections and can appreciate anybody that can whip up sweet little masterpieces. Now, you don't have to be a professional baker in fact this is for real people (hence the name) whom just happen to have some Betty Crocker flair. BTW I should also say that I don't think "professional bakers" are not real people...but you know what I mean. So if you blog about your confections or know someone that does, please contact me.I would love to add them to the list.

If you are digging the upcoming segment, let me know. If you think the title for it is fabulously fitting...I totally agree, my little sister Evelyn came up with it and I give her all the credit. Thanks sis!

Sep 11, 2008

Party responsibly

just a few tips;

1. Party till you drop?
not with toddlers...a toddler party should only be about one to one and a half hours. Anything longer and be prepared for some meltdowns.
For the older kids usually 2-3 hours is plenty.

2. Always have plenty of things for the kids to do; games, activities, crafts.
If you are having a "big kids" party don't forget the little ones. Make sure you have stuff to entertain everyone.

3.If you expect parents to stay at the party let them feel welcomed. A fruit platter or veggie platter will do wonders.

4.Please & Thank you. Parties are great opportunity to encourage kids to exercise good-manners.(Thank you for coming. Thanks for the gift) This is also a perfect opportunity to build on their social skills so let them help with the thank you notes.

5.DON"T TRY TO DO EVERYTHING ON YOUR OWN!!!!Although you may be Super Mom, it really is okay to ask for help. Trust me, your friends and family would be delighted to assist. Ask your husband to take pictures, your sister to help with the games and your best friend to come early and help decorate.There is only one "Martha Stewart" and guess what? She's got plenty of help!

So don't stress yourself out, you will be a fabulous host and just remember to Party Responsibly.

Sep 8, 2008


I love coming up with new themes for Little Shindigs. This is currently going by the name " Le Petite Boutique". It involves the usual Shindigs goodies along with;

•Le petite makeovers; use of Little Shindigs boas, big movie star glasses, pearls, couture hats and Tiaras
•Pet adoption boutique; stuffed poodles or kittens and pet accessories

However I am not totally thrilled with it's current name. I would love some suggestions. It's gotta be French or at least have a French feel to it.

What do you think of "A poodle in Paris"....okay maybe not.
Suggestions,Please...........I mean, s'il vous plait

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The Challenge is on
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