Sep 26, 2008

Mad Science

Absolutely smitten with the Tangarang blog. Kira recently posted this fantastic mood board on her blog for an absolutely incredible Science Party .
She shares some great ideas for favors such as lab coats, magnifying glasses and test tubes filled with treats.
She also offers these suggestions:
American Science for petri dishes, test tubes and beakers for all kinds of scientific fun!
Steve Spangler Science for experiments and other goodies!

Who new science could look so hip? Well, aside from Kira and that blue guy...

To visit Kira's blog and read her full post on kids science party ideas, please click here.

Thanks Kira!

credits: clockwise from top left: super fun ring made from shrinky dink by Broken Fingers Art, beautiful microscope print by Electric Boogaloo, experiment shown in Martha Stewart, colorful beakers from Natural News, This Periodic Table Shower Curtain from Neatorama would make a great tablecloth or backdrop, Love the crazy colors of this table setting by R. Jack Balthazar, And of course how could you do without Albert Einstein, Fun colored snowcones shown on Brides, string of bright colored lights, Cute molecularly-inspired necklace by rickrackrow, setting the scene at Cookie Magazine, Bouncy Atomic Balls from Rhode Island Novelty, Center: colorful petri dishes from Scientifics.

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