Sep 8, 2008


I love coming up with new themes for Little Shindigs. This is currently going by the name " Le Petite Boutique". It involves the usual Shindigs goodies along with;

•Le petite makeovers; use of Little Shindigs boas, big movie star glasses, pearls, couture hats and Tiaras
•Pet adoption boutique; stuffed poodles or kittens and pet accessories

However I am not totally thrilled with it's current name. I would love some suggestions. It's gotta be French or at least have a French feel to it.

What do you think of "A poodle in Paris"....okay maybe not.
Suggestions,Please...........I mean, s'il vous plait


Chris said...

Hey girl,
That idea is so cool!!!! Love it!!! What little girl wouldn't want that. I personally think the name you came up with is awesome. But I know you and it has to hit you. Not that great with coming up with new names. Maybe Leenie could help? Did you email her too? By the way love the pumpkin idea also. I think I will try that this year.

Stylish Chick said...

Madame, je pense que tu es tres magnifique! Encore...

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