Sep 29, 2008

P is for ....

Elmo may say P is for Party but maybe P should be for Punk.
How fun is this theme? Sure...a little alternative but how fabulous are those punk rock cupcakes and come often do you see a rubber ducky with studs.
So how about a 1st b-day or even a baby shower for the hippest of parents. Don't forget the Social D.
If you don't know who that is... stick to Elmo.
credits: Guitars, paper wear, and tatto bandages (Plum Party) Fun P is Punk T (The Cradle Rocks) Punk Rock Cupcakes (Cosmos Cupcakes by smcgees) Rubber Ducks (Totally Funky)


amy * stem * said...

This is too much fun. Love it.

Frost said...

my punk rock one love it girl love it

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