Sep 23, 2008

Hello Bento

What little girl doesn't love Hello Kitty? ...Um hello have you ever walked into a Sanrio store? As children, my little sister and I were obsessed with cutie pies like My Melody and Keroppi. Now a days there are so many to choose, but Hello Kitty remains a classic!

I am certainly not inventing this theme, in fact you can now find paper ware/party ware at Target stores. I do however suggest to take the theme a little bit further with the only thing that is possibly cuter than Hello Kitty, the Bento boxes.

Now, what to put in those cute little boxes. Well from what I understand, traditional bento consists of rice, fish or meat and one or more pickled or cooked vegetable. My kids would probably only eat the rice. So I would actually make some candy sushi. There is a great how to at not marha.

The candy sushi making would also be a great activity at the party.You can set up a big table like a sushi bar with lanterns and soji screens everywhere. Talk your husband into dressing up like a sushi chef and walla or should I say irasshaimasu.

For a boys party just scratch the hello kitty and go sumo. Find some great costumes here.

Don't forget the thank you cards...Domo arigato.

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