Sep 30, 2008

Get your Groovy on...

To kick of this month of spooky I have chosen one of my all time favorite cartoon shows as an inspiration for a very smashing party. The Groovy Goolies from the early 70's (did I just totally date myself) was a take off of Filmation's The Archie Show with a monster bent. Goolies were a group of hip monsters, many of whom were horror-film monsters created in the 1930s and 1940s. There was Frankie, Wolfie, Mummy, Drac and many many more.

So why not break out all that stuff you have left from that old 70's party, hook up the disco ball and invite a few of your closest and friendliest little monsters....and go get your groovy on!
Credits: Groovy Goolies image(the secret cinema) 70's flowers(coolchaser) retro masks and disco balls (plum party) cupcake and candy creatures (Martha Stewart)


sauchagirl said...

I love both your blogs and ideas. Plum Party seems to be my go to party place very often. I put you on my blog because I loved your stuff so much. Look forward to reading more!

Chris said...

Oh my gosh Natt! So cool!! You just took me back to the good ol days when cartoons were my life. I totaly remember the Groovy Goolies. I watched them all the time and their hip band. The Halloween site looks great, love it!!! Chris

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