Feb 25, 2010

Make me over

Can anyone help me out here...I am dying for a blog makeover! I have used free premades since I started blogging but would really like something new. Something more personalized, something fun, vintage inspired and something more...me. I twitted about this a couple days ago and did get a couple referrals but thought I would place this little add here.  You never know right?
I really, REALLY want to hire a mom-preneur for this gig but I can not spend an arm and a leg......maybe just the arm. Got anybody you can reccomend...please leave me a comment. Seen any fun vintage inspired sites, please share.  I am hoping to do this sooner than later.

BTW-The lady in the can rolls is of course NOT me...I am naturally curly! But my pout could rival hers!

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Feb 21, 2010

Pictures to prove it

Have you planned a fabulous kids party and have the pictures to prove it? Please e-mail all about it! I would love to feature you on this blog. Dont be shy...I know you are out there! No need to be a professsional party planner nor a blogger. I will, of course, give YOU all the credit and praise your fabulous work...I might even have a fun little badge for you to take:)
However, if you ARE a pro or a blogger ,then you should DEFINITELY e-mail me so I can send you tons of link love.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Feb 18, 2010

Family Show

I saw this a few weeks ago and tought I would share (if you haven't come across it already). Darcy Miller had a showing back in September called Family. It is really incredible how she has been chronolizing her family life. Read more here along with some fabulous details of the chic event.

I am not one to throw much away, I admit I have a few boxes filled with random things from the past and of course the kids stuff stashed away in the garage. I knew I had a good reason to keep it all!
I am so inspired...are you?

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Feb 16, 2010

Fairys welcome

Peaceable Kingdom's fairy door
Originally uploaded by anikarenina

Cute fairy door found on flickr, thought I would share. I made one with the kids over a year ago and was considering installing one in our new place. There is great ideas here and check out these you can purchase over on Etsy. Gotta love Etsy...I wonder if anyone is making cute little door mats to match yet?

Feb 15, 2010

Put some spring in your tablescape!

Spring Tea
Originally uploaded by Shindigs Girl

Time to put a little spring in your tablescape and join the fun over at Maddycakes! Michelle is hosting a fabulous contest for spring and easter tablescapes. She has lined up some fabulous judges and awesome prizes! So if you have a great idea for a tablescape, please share. If you are lost for ideas...well, then you should definitely hop on over and be inspired!

Feb 14, 2010

Valentines morning

I woke up to flowers on the nightstand. My kids actually pointed them out as I tried to squeeze in a few more zzz's.

this was the exchange....

the Princess - Oh mommy, what pretty flowers. Who put them there?

me-(smiling) well, I suppose daddy did.

the Princess-They are so beautiful! We should put them on the dinner table.

Ironman(aka my 3 year old son)- yeah mommy...like a centerpiece.

me-(shocked my 3 year old knows what a centerpiece is) what did he just say?

the Princess-a CENTERPIECE!

I wish everyone a beautiful Valentines day spent with your Lovies and filled with centerpieces.

Feb 9, 2010


Have you seen this yet? I was in disbelief at first and then I kicked myself for not thinking about it before. Brilliant really.

How many times have you driven by one of these before? They are native to suburban neighborhoods and often found on curbs and alleys. You may have even come across the garden "yard sale variety".

See how they did it here along with the inspiration behind it.

The Challenge is on

The Challenge is on
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