Feb 21, 2010

Pictures to prove it

Have you planned a fabulous kids party and have the pictures to prove it? Please e-mail all about it! I would love to feature you on this blog. Dont be shy...I know you are out there! No need to be a professsional party planner nor a blogger. I will, of course, give YOU all the credit and praise your fabulous work...I might even have a fun little badge for you to take:)
However, if you ARE a pro or a blogger ,then you should DEFINITELY e-mail me so I can send you tons of link love.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Natalie at Little Shindigs said...

thank you evenryone that has submitted a party! I will re-start features starting Friday but keep them coming!!!

A Blissful Nest said...

Can't wait to see more featured parties!

Suzy said...

hello little shindigs


I put much love and effort in making my twins 5th b-day party special above is the link of the event. Hope you like it :)

Much Amor,

Crafty Susanita

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The Challenge is on
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