Mar 20, 2009

Time to put the gloves on...

It's time to work, she has chosen a party, it's the Minnie Mouse Picnic! To be honest with you I had a strong feeling she would go for this one. The other two were wild cards really. Maybe it was a lucky guess but it doesn't matter...we have a fabulous party to plan. This event is not until this summer but I will continue to share some details about it with you as best I can.

And on that note...I would like to pose a bit of a question for you. My friend said something kind of funny to me today. She is familiar with my Blog and my work of course.She thinks my ideas are good and considers me a very creative person. She thinks it is NOT smart to share my ideas in such a public platform. She thinks I am giving IT away. Although I know this comes from a good place , it TOTALLY STOPPED ME IN MY TRACKS. What?! even My 2 year old will tell you SHARING IS GOOD!

I know the Blog world if full of people...very creative people.They share, they inspire and are inspired by their blog circles. I know my predicament is a little more complicated because I am financially tied to my creativity. However I don't feel like I am wrong in sharing. Outside of my clients and a few friends that can tolerate me talking about kids parties and ideas there is only this blog. It has become a part of my every day ( a good part..not like the dishes!) I started this blog to showcase my work and it's become much more than that. My dreams are bigger now: I would like to some day be a REAL authority in the field of children's event planning. You know, get published in a fancy Mag, maybe a book deal or two ( BIG dreams, I know) and how do I have a shot at realizing those dreams if can't reach people like YOU?!

So be it not wise to share?

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AKA: sad kids party planner that thought it was "cool" to share:(


lisalyn said...

Well, I am truly glad that you DO share your ideas. I don't think people really "steal" ideas to be mean or take something away from you. I always think of using someones idea as inspiration. In a way it's like two heads are better than one. I am sure you find ideas online too. You might be able to have the best party ever by using an idea you found on some blog circle.
I know I am not here to put you out of business...not going to happen!!! :) And I don't really think other people have that idea either. We like you (even though I don't really even know you) and your blog. :)
Even famous people share their ideas....look at Sandra Lee and David Tutera.
Maybe just keep some of your special ideas secret (for when you ARE famous) and share the rest.
Good luck to you...I DO hope that you will fulfill your dreams of being a BIG Party Planner! Just seeing your blog in the short time I have, I am pretty sure you can do it.

A fellow party planner...

Natalie said...

Thank you for your kind words Lisa. I guess you were also paying attention in Kindegarten. SHARING IS CARING:)

Not just a Mommy! said...

You know, someone asked me the same thing, except it was more like "why should I hire you if I can get the ideas from your blog?" Sure, you can do it yourself, but as many people have attested to me, they don't have the skills to actually do the "creative" part. I may tell you how to make the craft, but to actually purchase, and put it all together is time-consuming, and people will still pay you to do it. You aren't catering to the moms like yourself who can do it themselves, you are for the ones who can't/won't.

Look at Martha's blog, or Hostess With the Mostess...they probably have so many ideas that they don't publish, and yet it seems they never run out of things to talk about. There are so many event planning books, but you still will have an infinite number of ideas to mix and match, etc. etc. It's like the party world's version of "Pay It Forward", if it helps someone else's creativity, go for it. I've borrowed so many ideas, then others have used and passed on at other events, and it feels good to share. OK, I'm done ranting...and I can't wait to see your Minnie Mouse party.

Joanne Kennedy said...

Well first of all I think we should share. Not only to give our ideas to others to use but to also get ideas back. I love when I'm planning a party and someone emails me an idea to use. Even if I don't use the idea it's nice to get others input.

Not only that but if you are going to try to get published someday and someone else should steal your ideas and get published first you have proof the idea was yours because you blogged about it and it's date stamped when you came up with it. So you will have proof they stole your ideas.

However, that being said, I think you can always come up with new and different ideas so if someone should use your idea and put it on tv or in a book who cares. You have millions more in your head to replace them with.

I doubt if people will steal your idea to do a book anyway. Someone may use some of your ideas to do a party of their own but not to get famous off if it. Plus, that is flattery when someone likes your work so much they copy you.

I say keep sharring.


Mrs. L said...

Share away! Your ideas are fantastic! I think the amazing thing about this blogging thing is how much I have been able to learn from other people. Yet, I would still say I will never be as good in each of the areas as the masters themselves (like you) but still it's so nice to get new ideas.

E said...

I say share and share and then share some more :) I can't tell you how many times a friend has called and said I need an idea for a party and I refer them to different's an amazing networking source...and remember imitation is the sincerest source of flattery!

Setting the Mood said...

Hi Natalie,

I was told the exact same thing...don't put all of your ideas out there. I am with gives me hope and inspiration to share ideas with others. I think it's wonderful to be able to reach people across the nation this way. There might be some people out there that copy ideas but your creativity is yours...your style and someone out there might discover YOU by having a blog. Look at Hostess with the Mostess...she put herself out there and she seems to be flourishing. I think your heart is in the right place and you will be rewarded for it.

Shelly said...

I am excited to see how the Minnie Mouse party turns out! I will never get to host a little girl's party at my house, so I hope you do share so I can see it! I think that people who possess great talent like you, were given that gift for a reason--to SHARE it with others! Someone stealing your ideas for their benefit is THEIR burden to carry, not yours. If you enjoy posting to a blog, by all means do so! And I imagine that the majority of people who use your ideas will do so for their own child's party, not for a business endeavor. I wish you the best of luck with making your dreams come true. I have really been enjoying your blog.

Room design studio said...

oh please shar and never stop sharing..I wish I had things established as you do day i will and I will absloutly share..this is your portfolio..and you have the advantage of promoting it with out the costs!

oh btw..any ideas for a 1st birthday? i blogged about a garden it suitable?

Susan Crabtree said...

I feel that sharing your talents and ideas is GREAT exposure for your business as well as yourself. I think you will be rewarded for your generousity and creativity! I

Natalie said...

Thank you to everyone for the sweet comments. You are ALL AMAZING to share your support!

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