Mar 9, 2009

So Fantastic, made of plastic

Happy Birthday are absolutely FABULOUS at 50! In your honor, here is a little post from not very long ago... Circa earlyer this Year? I think it is only appropriate to share it again today:

image: The Barbie Fashion Book

...I don't think I have ever mentioned it but I am a big fan of Barbie. I love, LOVE all the vintage stuff and have a great affinity for the 70's play sets; pool party, patio, BBQ etc. I am also a sucker for all the little accessories. My parents gave me my first Barbie Dream House when I was 5 and well, need I say more? Okay back to the party idea. So how about Barbie Pool Party?

Talk about a Little Shindig!I want the lawn chairs, the patio umbrellas, everything in those fabulous 70's colors, the Pink BBQ and of course the doughboy pool ,with the slide.Okay so the pool might blow the budget but we can certainly take some inspiration right? Right! Let's do beach balls as invitations. You can get all the party details printed on them ( see printing company's who offer promotional items). Quick note: send the invitations deflated and let your guest blow up the beach ball to get all the party details. Maybe that way they might be a little light headed and will be more inclined to the idea of ..wait for it: coming to the party as there favorite Barbie or Ken! Now I know that is probably a lot of Ken's but the gals have tons of choices..Malibu Barbie, Holiday Barbie, Badgley Mischka Barbie you get the hint. Now the day of the party I would of course park my Pink Corvette right in front of the house, so everyone knows where the party is. (and no, I do not own a Pink Corvette but maybe I can rent one?) On the menu Hot dogs and hamburgers of course, Pink lemonade, a must. I would also set up dressing rooms labeled "Barbies" & "Kens" for the guests to slip into there swim suits. The rooms will be stocked with extra beach towels, flip flops and big 70's sun glasses( just in case ) and everything will smell like coconut sun tan lotion. I haven't figured out the party favors yet...all I can think about is maybe some Pink Frisbees. Maybe have something clever printed on them too.I suppose that's about all I have for now. So if you have Friends with a good sense of humor this party would be great for a birthday, BBQ or just for fun. This party can also be toned down for a young girls b-day party. I found this at the Loot

My daughter turns 5 this summer and she already loves Barbie. This theme is in the running but she changes her mind every day. One thing is for sure, we are getting her her own Barbie Dream House this year. Vintage, of course

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Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I recieved my first Barbie when I was nine, a little late, but it is still my most memorable gift from my childhood. I love this idea for a party.

Sara said...

I was thinking about a Barbie themed pool party just the other day! You have wonderful ideas, I especially love the idea to rent a hot pink convertible! Maybe even set out some old school inflatable furniture?

Kimberly said...

I have a vintage 1980 barbie dream house if you are searching for one.

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