Mar 10, 2009

All aboard!

All Aboard! For a B-Day party at Travel Town on The Pennsylvania Train. The runner on the table was made to look like a train track and of course we had an Engine as the ccenterpiece lugging all the cupcakes. All the kids got Engineer hats, red bandannas and train whistles. The whole party got to ride on the miniature Train that goes all around the Park. As a parting gift/goody bags all the kids received little European suitcases filled with party treats!


Jess said...

We live about 40 minutes from Strasburg! LOVE that town and the trains :) What a fabulous idea for a party!

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

The train lugging all the goodies is such a great idea!


Rachel said...

Where did you get the tin containers to create the train centerpiece? I would love to create this for my son's 3rd birthday! Thanks

Natalie {little shindigs} said...

@ Rachel

The party was several years ago but I got them at Ikea. You can also try the Container Store. Let me know how yours turns out...I would love to see!!! :)

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