Mar 13, 2009

Blog BFF's

So to my surprise and delight Chris from Celebrations at Home did a sweet post about my recent Tablescapes. She said she was lurking around these parts for a, really? Thank you Chris. I am flattered.Now she is like my Blog BFF (best Friends forever) Helloo? she "like" spotlighted me on her great blog and is also one of my newest followers.

Actually, just between you and me...I'm guilty of lurking around her site too. So yeah, WAY flattered by this one....Thanks Chris!

and my other Blog-BFF ( I can have more than one , right?!)

All joking aside, this is actually an old friend of mine. Her name is Jenny. She is new to blogging but I promise you will LOVE her. Seriously.

Go say Hi.

Totally miss you Jenny!

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Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Yay BFF's! Now we can have slumber parties, and do each others nails, and talk about boys all night! ; D
...and good luck with the contest. I have been voting for you!

Natalie said...

Thanks. I knew I could count on my new BFF:)

kadensmommy said...

you are so sweet Nat! Thanks for my shout out!!! Your blog is so awesome, so happy we reconnected! Miss you HEAPS!!!

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