Mar 24, 2009

Bowling Alley

Count my lucky strikes...look at what I just found! It's cool, it's hip and somewhat RETRO. An invite after my own heart.

This party can be done for a variety of ages. Best of all, it is a cool enough theme for the teen boys (toughest of critics really).

Decorating a Bowling alley would be easy.

Stick with Red, black & white to match the invites. Lot's of balloons!

Now the next thing I can think about is those cool Retro style bowling shirts. You will find a good selection for kids at Bowling

We WON"T talk about the shoes.

We will however, talk about the fact that if you are hosting your party at the local bowling lanes, you will probably not have to worry about the food.
You have catering on site.
I think they call it the Concession stand???

If you are allowed to bring party food to the bowling alley, you may want to consider these healthyer alternatives.

You might not be able to get yours from the PBA but that's okay because I found where you can buy them instead.

Now, if retro is not "your thing" and you want to do something out of the frame, you must go see this party .I promise you, it is Brilliant!

now tell me...

Have you entered the Invitations Giveaway?

image: Bowling Alley invite via IC


Cher said...

I absolutely LOVE that bowling invite--wow. Forget the children...I'm gonna have a bowling party for ME! :)

custom bowling balls said...

it is a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing

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