Mar 31, 2009

Only in LA

If you are in the LA area and are a hip parent you don't want to miss this event happening April 25-26 at the LA Convention Center. I attended it last year ( yes, I consider myself a hip parent) and it really is a fun event for both parents & kids. This year however, I will be one of the children's event designers showcasing in the Baby Celebration Party scape exhibit.
Won't say much about my theme. I will try to be secretive about it. FOR ONCE!
We will see how it turns out...or better yet, won't YOU come see?

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michelle said...

Oh I wish I could come! A far trip from Virginia though. I can't wait to see what you do :)

Michelle@Everyday Celebrating said...

Well dangit! I'm in Nashville! You're going to share photos, right? RIGHT? :)

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The Challenge is on
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