Apr 30, 2011

Extreme Coupon....sort of

A two day sale in honor of my new fascination with coupons. Free Shipping (domestic only) at the Knock-Knock Factory for this Saturday and Sunday only.
code: CPN

Apr 25, 2011

Giving it away

My first official hosted giveaway starts today! Its over at my PARTY CHICA headquarters, The Children's Party Network.

Enter to win a Knock-Knock original..... custom made JUST for YOU. 
BUT you can't win if you don't enter. Sorry....just a rule!

Contest Runs: Monday 4/25/11, 12:00am EST
through Friday 4/29/11, 11:59pm PST




Apr 20, 2011

Theresa Who? {Knock-Knock Files}

Theresa... FLY in this Party!!!!!

For the few that may have been hiding under a rock lately, Kristy unveiled her Fly Guy Party last week and it is all the RAGE!

...and yes, I think I am pretty FLY to have a Knock-Knock included in the latest unique and uber original fest.

This last picture is one of my favorites. Can you believe she tie-dyed coffee filters?! Crazy Cool, right?!
Please visit the Purple Pug for the full load down.

Apr 18, 2011

POM Try out

April POM (party of the month) is officially open for submissions..rah-rah (not abbreviated for anything, just a cheer).

Our Head POM gal this month is the fabulous Natalie of
 Southern Belle's Charm
and we are ALL so excited to see the parties listed!

This month, I thought we would try something a little new. Everyone is welcome to add the script to their blogs/sites to cheer on the participants, promote their own party and help us spread the POM love.

get the InLinkz code

get the InLinkz code

Apr 15, 2011

Jesse's Girl {the knock-knock files}

Sweet Birthday party for Jessica. She turned 5 and wanted a Jessee party...of course!
 Her mom went all out for this party. They even had PONY rides!.
I was happy to add a little whimsy at the door step.

The knock-knock piece was wrapped in cow print.  
Fun accessories included a cow bell and the cow girls' very own boots. 
I also used yellow flowers, ribbons and yellow balloons as well.
 An actual invitation to the party was also incorporated.

just a little share and tell for ya'll

Have a GREAT weekend!

Apr 14, 2011

Mrs.Fly Guy {Postcards from Sunny}

Dear Family,

Life is a DREAM in Warwick, New York.I have never been around so much glitter...and purple.

I am happy to report that I made it in time for Gavin's party on Sunday and I think I have met my future husband! 

OMF (oh my Feathers)...this Guy is SO FLY. Not sure he is into me since we are SO different, but you never know right?! (long sigh)

I am looking forward to spending some one on one with Kristy herself. Will report back soon.


(the future Mrs.Fly Guy?)

Apr 13, 2011

For your googly eyes only {knock-knock files}

I am hoping this will be first of many. 
My knock-knock files will be dedicated to the factories originals, the fabulous parties 
and sweet families behind them. 

First up...this little Monster of a party.

This is Nate. aka the lucky birthday boy.
I know you are sooo jelly of his balloon but wait till you see the rest of the party!

This was one of my favorite elements. A lil monster  photo booth!

 Furry cupcake stand anyone?.

I wont show you more because you really should get the load down form the J herself. Don't worry,
nothing scary about it. Pure sweetness covered in orange, green, blue and googly eyes.

Apr 7, 2011

Star Wars Royalty

Now THAT's a crazy cool princess party! It made me smile really early this morning, when I cam across it CPN and I am sure a lot of you will appreciate this very clever idea for a princess party.

dude. Jedi Training? 

go see more at Posh in a Pinch.

Apr 5, 2011

First stop... NEW YORK

Sunny is new to the party scene but ready to embrace it full heartedly. She is a Party Chick ( just like me) with roots in Los Angeles and calls this blog her home. 

Her plan is to visit as many party blogs and the creative chicks behind them, within the next year or so. Sunny has agreed to send postcards from her visits and I will make sure to share them with you here.

This is a trip that I would have liked to have taken with her but duty calls for me to stay here in Los Angeles. She left this morning and although I am terribly sad to see her go, I know she is going to have a blast.

She cannot wait to land in New York. She has the Fly Guy Party to attend and the Purple Pug to meet!

 How jealous are you that she is actually going to meet Kristy? Sunny is def going places. 

Hope you will follow along.

The Challenge is on

The Challenge is on
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