Jan 3, 2011

Moon Child

So, you may not know this but I'm a bit of a moon child. I find Zodiac's terribly interesting. I know, I know you are either all bout it or you are rolling your eyes. It's cool.

I am "quasi" if you will. I believe all the good stuff and dismiss all the negative. Honestly, its the only way to go.

That said, I'm excited for this Chinese New Year (February 3rd). Its another party and it also happens to be the Year of the Rabbit AND I'M A RABBIT......(holla bunnies!)

Jan 1, 2011

To have and to hold {la casa}

I will be completely honest and say that my jewelry is often displayed rather than worn. 
Also, I'm not one to store jewelry in plastic cases and  pretty furniture. I am just not that.... conventional.

I LOVE these ideas though:

image via PB Teen

image via quick and simple

This one is actually my favorite.Maybe because its the most random one.
I believe its a rake. I'm dying to try it!

source unknown

via decorology

I really like this one as well and I think it would be a cool compliment to the rake idea.
So the hunt for a compartment drawer is on.

How do you store your jewelry?

The Challenge is on

The Challenge is on
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