Sep 30, 2009

Big in Japan

working title...

Got these Japanese 1960's coin banks at one of my local spots. The owl was hiding behind the counter and caught my eye. The gal at the store told me few others had come in that day and they were still in a box...I couldn't resist. Come on they are too cute!!! I am not an avid collector of anything in particular but I have to admit, I buy stuff just to look at it!

I was watching the Rachelle Zoe project one night and she said the same thing about some vintage dresses. She said something like-she may not ever wear them but she has to buy them just so she can look at them. I totally GOT that.
Okay so its not vintage Chanel dresses but maybe they are big in Japan?

My initial idea was to simulate some sort of carousel but not too sure I did that here.

So we are just going with the "cute" factor instead.
Yep, definitely the cute factor! ummm yes, that would be an elephant with a little bird on its trunk........Bananas right?!
(Rachelle Zoe-ism anyone?)

Happy Tablescape Thursday!!!!!

Sep 27, 2009

Happy Un-Birthday

A happy un-birthday it was! My daughters 5th birthday party happened a couple weeks past her actual birth date (oops). But it was a blast!

We had fun putting together this Mad Tea Party, on a strict budget mind you. Fortunately for us my garage is full of "stuff". My aunt, a costume maker made this darling Little Alice dress for her. My kid sis always the sport, dressed up and played the part of the Queen of Hearts.

Also, my dear friend Chris baked some cupcakes with the perfect shade of Blue. Gracias Christinita!

I have to apologize for the quality of lighting in the pictures. I promise you it was darling and if you would like to see more then just follow the white rabbit or perhaps just follow this link here.

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The Challenge is on
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