Mar 16, 2009

Minnie Picnic

Minnies Picnic
Minnies Picnic - by Shindigsgirl on

Just a little peak at what I am working on this week. A little client of mine is turning 5 in a couple months. We did her party last year and it turned out really well and we don't want to disappoint this year. This years bash will very well be Disney driven.

Pitch 1: Minnie Mousse Picnic

It would be held outdoors and have all the charm that the lovable Minnie Mouse possesses. This is just a glimpse...I won't give out all my ideas...YET. I will share the other two pitches in the next two days so come back soon. Which theme will our Fabulous little client choose. ...the suspense is killing me too!

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Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

LOVE THIS THEME!!! Hope she has a good party.

Frost said...

i lo ve it

The Challenge is on

The Challenge is on
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