Mar 17, 2009

Mad Tea Party

This is the second party theme I have suggested to my client. A Mad Tea Party! Very whimsical and full of vibrant colors. If you were 5, Would you choose this party or this one?

If you like any of the items on this board, just click on it and you will be linked to the "Wonderland" that is Polyvore. They will tell you all about the items there. Have fun!

Mad Tea Party
Mad Tea Party - by Shindigsgirl on


Brenda said...

I just asked my 5 year old and she voted for the Minnie party (she had an Alice Tea Party when she turned 4)

Both themes are so bright & cheerful!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it would matter which one you go with. Either one is going to be darling and any 5 year old will LOVE it.

lisalyn said...

I've never been a big fan of Micky or Minnie mouse....well I guess I DID have a Minnie mouse sweatshirt one time. :) So my vote would be for the Mad Tea Party. It seems so girly...but I DO like the Red polka dotted plates in the Minnie party. Why do ya have to make this so hard??? :)

Voted for you again today. Good luck.

A Cupcake Life said...

I like the Alice in Wonderland ideas! You got my vote for the contest, good luck!


Not just a Mommy! said...

My vote is for the Mad Hatter party; I did a post with some great tea party ideas, if your client wants to go that route...

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