Mar 23, 2010

Did you see it blink?


Pink Berry.

No not that kind…this kind:

Yes I know it’s called a Black berry
But I got in Pink
So I call it a Pink Berry.

And it’s Mine.
Never leave home with out it
Scratch that
NEVER leave the room with out it.

When I wake up
Before I go to sleep
In line at the grocery store
OKAY…Sometimes in the middle of the night
OKAY, EVERY night in the middle of the night
Well it is left charging in the kitchen and I get thirsty.
So yes!
I check it in the middle of the night
But it is usually just my site meeter
But sometimes
Sometimes it’s a new follower
Yes! A new follower and they left a comment

So I check it all the time.
Did I get new mail?
Did I get a comment?
You got to LOVE the comments
A few dozen in and it is yet to get old.

Oh I think it’s blinking

It’s my eyes doing tricks on me again.
Wait, I think its Blinking.
I could have sworn IT BLINKED!!

I really need to find my glasses.
Okay ,if I count to 5 and it doesn’t blink…
Yes I figured that out in the first day
Yes I count
I don’t want to miss it blink!

I knew it was blinking!
It’s not a comment
But I got an E-mail
Some dude from South Africa trying to give me some money

Oh but that’s okay
When the light blinks.
It is good
When the light blinks its…

Did you see it blink?


michelle said...

ohhhh...i like that! but then again, i like anything pink :)

Frost said...

you are a dork lol!!! love you

Courtney said...

I too, love my BlackBerry. But mine is red, so I guess it would be a Red Berry. LOL I really couldn't have summed up my love for my pretty lil' smart phone better than you did in that post! It's amazing how ridiculously addicted we can become to our technology. My BlackBerry and my iPod Touch go everywhere with me. Sad, but true. :) Love your blogs!!

Trina S. said...

I loooooove mine! Would love for you to visit and follow my blog!

Courtney said...

Thanks for you sweet comment on my blog. And we do have lots in common! LOL Thanks for joining up! I think I am already following you, but if I'm not, I'm about to be! :)

Annie Cristina said...

I have a true Blackberry. Wish I had a pink one. I thought I was the only one who was OCD about checking my bb every five minutes, lol. And since I got twitterberry on it .. forget it, I'm permanently attached. ;)

Cute blog! I'll be back.

Courtney said...

Oh I definetely got it! LOL and yw for the shout out... I just HAD to share that one! I think it's an obsession many of us have!

Happy Hour Mom said...

So wait, you mean I'm not the only one obsessed with new message/comment status? Whew.. Definitely can't do without the REAL Pink Berry, but this might be the next must-have on my list of "NEEDS" (that's right, need, not want). Everything looks cuter in pink!

Pattie Cordova said...

LOL... I love your Pink Berry... Mine is gold so it's the Gold Experience after Prince's album.

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