Mar 4, 2010

Walk into a Forrest

About a week ago I went for a litlle walk (a virtual one if you may). You can imagine how delighted I was when I "walked" into this...

further along my path, was this...

and if that wasnt enough, around the corner, were these little guys just waiting to be adored...

(a forest prince, the gnome/tomten child, little red riding hood, and one cute little mushroom)

This darling forrest party was put together by Cathy from Handmade Cathy Gaubert for her daughters, several moons back. Yet, I had barely come across it!!!

I really cant say enough about this party and I know you like it too! So walk on over to Cathys blog to view more pictures and learn how she put it all together.

While you are gone, I think I'll go for another one of those walks....
By the way, have you seen anthing?
Please point me in that direction (wink).
OR you can always leave a comment!

images via handmadecathygaubert

thanks Cathy :)     

1 comment:

A Blissful Nest said...

these cakes are to die for!!

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