Mar 22, 2010

Blogging thing

re-posted (originally published September 08)
yep, I am going to milk this whole thing about importing my other blog :)

My husband is a good man. He loves his family, he is honest, hard working, and he has got a great sense of humor. He enjoys golf...quiet often. In fact he usually plays every Sunday and therefor has always been understanding of my preoccupation with crafting, decorating, party planning etc.However, my new found obsession with this blog is a different story. He doesn't get my "blogging thing". So in an effort for him to "get" my "blogging thing" I added him to the e-mail list. I thought this way he can enjoy all of my posts (daily). So when he made a joke about some crazy email he gets everyday...something about "Little Shindigs" and how he can't seem to be able to block them... (told you he was funny) I resorted to randomly asking him if whether or not he read the day's post...and of course what he thought of it. Oh yeah by the way, randomly means in the middle of the night when I can't sleep.I thought I saw a glimpse of hope yesterday when out of the blue he said "Hey you know what? I think I want to start a blog!" I almost fell out of my chair! I was so surprised and delighted...and so I said "really honey, that's great! What about?" He said "ABOUT A MAN MARRIED TO A WOMAN THAT BLOGS TOO MUCH" I said "that's fantastic, just make sure you link to me!"Doe's your significant other get your whole "blogging thing"? If not, maybe they would be interested in my hubbies blog.


Mrs. M said...

This story is HILARIOUS! Mr.M is just like this. Our conversations go like this:

Mr.M: "Babe, you're on the computer a lot, what are you doing?"

Mrs.M: "Come here, look (showing him my blog). This is what I do. I read blogs about people and write my own. It's like an online journal."

Mr.M: "Babe, what are you doing? Oh wait...You're on your frog, mog, flob, glob, lob"

Mrs.M: "Yes, that's what I'm doing!"

You're blog is great. I've gone through both of them. I'd love to get into planning kid's parties. I'm known as the "organized, creative" one in my group of friends. I did a Curious George party last year.

maritessb said...

LOL. It's ok. There are things neither of you can figure out why the other's interested in it. My husband's into RPG's. He got inspired to blog about his conquest from my blog. But he doesn't get my craft desires. When I'm in crunch time and need his help he sulks just like a kid who's mom is making him do chores.

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