Mar 27, 2010

The Party Bucket List

My new bloggy friend and party extraordinaire, Kristy from The Purple Pug, recently posted about a new project in the works. Honestly, too cute for words.

She explains this is one theme in her Party Bucket List, read her post here and to answer your question Kristy...why yes I do have a party bucket list.

here are a few from my list:

Amelia Badelia! I loved those books as a child and now I get to read them to my kids. They think she is HILARIOUS and so silly. I think it would make fantastic theme. Lemon meringue pies a MUST!

The Country Mouse and the City Mouse. It would of course, involve tea. I would ask guests to dress up....are you a Country Mouse or a City Mouse?

Now, my list does not involve just books (although a lot do). I am fascinated with this idea..

Hi Ho Cherry-o anyone? I remember playing this as a kid and being amused with the color scheme. I know that might sound silly but I was driven by color very early on. I thought it was such a pretty game! The little cherries on the trees and the blue skies..oh the possibilities (long sigh). I haven't played this in a long time but I can tell you that every time I look at it, it just makes me *smile*.

But, enough of my list....lets keep it moving! Whats is in your Party Bucket List? Do tell and please use MckLinky below so we can all see what is on every ones list. Come on' it will be fun!

1 comment:

Kristy said...

You are the best!
I am going to faint over the cuteness of the "The Country Mouse and The City Mouse" idea! You just have to do that theme for something. Period.

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The Challenge is on
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