Sep 11, 2008

Party responsibly

just a few tips;

1. Party till you drop?
not with toddlers...a toddler party should only be about one to one and a half hours. Anything longer and be prepared for some meltdowns.
For the older kids usually 2-3 hours is plenty.

2. Always have plenty of things for the kids to do; games, activities, crafts.
If you are having a "big kids" party don't forget the little ones. Make sure you have stuff to entertain everyone.

3.If you expect parents to stay at the party let them feel welcomed. A fruit platter or veggie platter will do wonders.

4.Please & Thank you. Parties are great opportunity to encourage kids to exercise good-manners.(Thank you for coming. Thanks for the gift) This is also a perfect opportunity to build on their social skills so let them help with the thank you notes.

5.DON"T TRY TO DO EVERYTHING ON YOUR OWN!!!!Although you may be Super Mom, it really is okay to ask for help. Trust me, your friends and family would be delighted to assist. Ask your husband to take pictures, your sister to help with the games and your best friend to come early and help decorate.There is only one "Martha Stewart" and guess what? She's got plenty of help!

So don't stress yourself out, you will be a fabulous host and just remember to Party Responsibly.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Words of wisdom from the ultimate party girl!!!! After all those years of planning parties for everyone you certainly have learned a lot. Hopefully others will take your advice. Keep up the good work.

Luv, Chris

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