Apr 7, 2009

Wacky idea?

Just hear me out. I know that much of attention has been given to the cupcake. From amazing recipes to brilliant designs, it is an all around cupcake revolution and I am a big, BIG fan. However as many of you already know and as my family can attest to: I am a lousy baker! So what is this shindigs girl to do?

Go with presentation! I gather a few things like large cans, cake circles, ribbon, crape paper and my trusty old scanner. Add one Fantastic theme and Voila!

Now the hard part. Decide where to order the cupcakes?!

Any suggestions on a bakery anyone?

P.S Happy Wacky Wednesday!

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Cher said...

hmm. no bakery suggestions. BuT...I think that is just cute as can be!

Not just a Mommy! said...

Ever since the Birthday Cake Fiasco of 2002, I've been a cupcake follower. I know you can do it; save the $$ and get you a box of mix and frosting; the key to not ripping up the cupcake when frosting (another hard-learned lesson) is getting a frosting spatula (kinda looks like a putty knife).

The blog Cupcakes Take The Cake has an amazing listing of bakeries/cupcakeries by state. The only one that comes to my mind in the LA area is Sprinkles, 'cuz The Girls Next Door tv show is always talking about them.

Brenda said...

Really darling!

sarah m said...

Found you via Tip Junkit...SO cute - love it!! :)

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