Apr 3, 2009

Tag- I'm it!

Chris from Celebrations at Home and Donna from Party Wishes recently tagged me. Now it's time for me to share with you- 7 things I LOVE:

1. My Family of course!

D is almost 5 and L will be 3 this year. I could have put a picture that doesn't show how dirty they get but I am trying to keep it REAL! Also could not find a picture with my husband in it and that is probably because he does not to take any. He says it violates his "Modeling contract".


2. My husbands sense of Humor. He is the funniest person I know, next to me of course. It is an ongoing battle between us, we think we are funnier than the other. But, between you and me ...he is funnier. I did find this picture of him at his brothers wedding. He actually danced that night! That violates his other contract with Solid Gold.

3. I love to dance. Anything upbeat. I am NOT a slow dancer. Which works well with my husbands Solid Gold contract. I come from a Latin background and I grew up with a family always looking for a reason to celebrate and dance the night away. I don't throw those kind of parties but I do dance with my kids in the living room on Saturday mornings. They like to dance too.

4.I love our dog Barbie. She is a sweetie but she really scared us yesterday. We thought she had ran away. Fortunately our neighbors found her wandering in the neighborhood and brought her home. Thank you!

5.I love thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets. It's like treasure hunting. I have found some amazing stuff for under five bucks and I also find stuff NOBODY should ever buy. That's entertaining too!

6. I love Sushi! It is the best food in the world. I could eat it every day if I could. I am obsessed and the California Rolls are for my kids..umm I asked for the Sashimi *thank you*

7. I love Blogging. It is such an amazing creative outlet for me and I am so glad I tried it. It has only been a little over a year and I am way hooked. The opportunity to share and be inspired by other is priceless.

So this is where I tag some blogging friends.

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Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Natalie, there is nothing sexier than a man who can make you laugh, right! Except maybe one who can dance well also...Love your list. And I too, loooove to dance!

lisalyn said...

Cool list of loves! I see you have tagged me!! Thanks, I think. :) I will not be adding dancing to my list of loves. I LOVE watching people dance, but no dancing moves in me. :)
I'll post my loves a bit later.

BTW...your kids are so cute.

abigail @ Piece of Cake said...

your kids are even cuter when they are covered in mud! and that photo of the hubby? hysterical!

thanks* for tagging me! there has got to be something that i love. does coffee count?

*hint of sarcasm ;)

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