May 6, 2010

in other FABULOUS DRESS news

I am beyond excited to finally share this

(typing very excited and thrilled beyond belief)

GUESS WHAT or better yet GUESS WHO..... is the newest contributor to the PARTY DRESS?


You betcha. I even have a fancy schmancy new TPD badge.------>

Exhibit A (displayed oh so proudly on ye' right)

Exhibit B, check this out.

For the few, who may not know (AKA-my family and friends who rarely read my blog) ...........The Party Dress is an amazing site for all things entertaining. I have been a huge fan and have spent many, many hours, oohing and ahhing over all the eye candy. I am beyond flattered to now be a small part of it.


The Purple Pug said...

Oh, come on, could you be ANY MORE AWESOME?!?!? That is absolutely FABULOUS news, Natalie!
Congratulations, you deserve all the success and best in the world:)
Love The Party Dress too....Can't wait to read your posts.

Kelly Lyden said...

Welcome aboard! We're happy to have you join our team!

MaryJanes and Galoshes said...

I'm trying to find the images seen on your party dress introduction of the seuss party. Where can I find that post?

Anonymous said...

YAE!!! Congratulations sister. I'm oooober excited for you and it looks like the party dress is over the moon about you.

On another note... I DO READ YOUR BLOG....AND I LOVE IT!!!

Congrats again.

Entertain Exchange said...

Congratulations...that's wonderful!

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