May 12, 2010

See Natalie wait too long to post this feature.....

I knew this Dick and Jane/Vintage toy party would be featured all around blog town but I didn't think it would be overnight. Yikes people...don't you all sleep?! The Dick and Jane party was Circa...Monday???

Okay, so it is pretty fabulous and that is exactly WHY I, must feature it here.

Plus, its vintage inspired and ya'll know- me and vintage go waaay back! Then again, I suppose it wouldn't be vintage if it didn't go waay back?! You get what I mean.

This party was put together by the talented duo from Bella Grace Designs and Paper and Pigtails (Lindsey & Kori) and it is beyond uber cute with loads of details and a spectacular color scheme. See for yourself...

(long sigh).
I caught wind of this party a few days ago and reached out to Lindsey to get her blessing on the feature. I was thrilled to learn that...
  1. I had the go ahead
  2. this fun little fact. Lyndsey started blogging about a year ago and that Little Shindigs was the first blog she ever followed!
So I am flattered that someone as talented as Lindsey would find a small bit of inspiration here (actualy, it made my week) and I am certain that this sweet party will now inspire you.
ahh you cant blame for trying.

To see more of this party, please visit Bella Grace Party Designs.

Thanks again Lindsey:D

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Kate Landers Events, LLC © 2009 said...

this is SUCH a fabulous party! and totally fits your style, perfect fit for your blog and all your work! i have you linked on my blog, and it isn't working, so i wanted to know if you could e-mail me,, or leave me a comment on my blog, with the proper link so it will actually work! :) i am SURE our readers would love to see what each of us is up to! can't wait to see your next event!!!!!!!!!!!!

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