May 4, 2010

Guest Blog Post- Leslie Blumenstein

Pre-School Crafts and Activities

Finding games and activities for preschoolers is a lot of fun. Their minds are so eager to learn and explore new things. Here are a few ideas that could easily be turned into great party or playdate activities.

Music Shakers

Collect empty toilet paper rolls and staple one end closed. Set out dried beans, dried macaroni, jingle bells, whatever makes good noise to you! Let the kids fill (not completely) the tube up then staple the other end closed. Kids can decorate the outside with markers and stickers. Then shake, shake, shake!

Hammer Time

Looking for ways to repurpose that big piece of styrofoam from the new toaster? Collect golf tees and toy hammers and let the little ones pound the tees into the styrofoam. They will love pounding them in and pulling them back out.

Bubble Art

Fill a glass about 1/3 with milk diluted with water (nearly equal parts). Add a few drops of food coloring. Place a straw in the glass and have the child blow until the bubbles are overflowing. Then take a white or light colored piece of paper and place it on top of the bubbles and push down until the paper is flush with the top of the glass. Lift up the paper and you are left with beautiful bubble art!

Decode the Message

This is a good activity for a party game. Create a message like “Happy Birthday Allyson!” And cut out all the letters of the word. Hang them up on the wall (just with tape) but take away some of them and put a little __ on the wall (a strip of paper does the trick). I did this at my son’s birthday party and I took out all the vowels. Hide the missing vowels/letters all over the house (in easy to reach places) and then help them put them in the right order. They will be so proud that they completed the message and it’s a good way to practice letter recognition.

The Ice Age

Get little things like bouncy balls, small figurines, and change, anything fun a kid might like to discover. Put them in a small paper cup and fill it with water. Let them freeze completely. Set them out in a deep tub or on a table in area you don’t mind getting wet and give the kids tools to chip away at their frozen treasure. A turkey baster dipped in warm water, plastic silverware, their hands, their breath; whatever tools you think are kid friendly and effective. Just help guide them how to defrost their giant cubes. They will have fun and enjoy their newly thawed treasure. ( If the melting is going too slowly, bring out the hair dryer).

Duck, Duck, Goose

A good old game of duck, duck, goose is a very fun way for preschoolers to expend some energy. Make it fun, change it up a little. We play cat, cat, dog. You could do anything! Frog, frog, toad, or turkey, turkey, chicken…it’s a fun way for kids to get moving and practice waiting their turn.

Have fun with your preschoolers! They love to create and discover. And don’t forget to take pictures! These moments should not be forgotten. Keep your memories organized and ready for show in a beautiful photobookfrom PurpleTrail.

Leslie is a work at home mom of one busy little guy. As a writer, she covers a range of topics with a special focus on party planning. She is a regular contributor to, a comprehensive party planning site. Her passion for entertaining has led her to become an expert on budget party planning without sacrificing style. From baby showers to back yard barbecues, she’s done it all – without breaking the bank.

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