Apr 1, 2010

Monkeying around


So I don't know why I keep getting myself involved in random stuff. You would think I have nothing else to do. BUT I DO...I just haven't really been doing it all so much lately...kinda. Well anyways let me share with you my new project also known as what I signed up for today..Tuesday:)
Well I finally decided to get set up over at Flickr...yeah I know I am about the last person to do so. I thought I would give this other photo sharing thing a shot but that didn't work out so well. Anyways long story short (I know..too late)I went snooping around and found The 365 Toy project. Which to sum it up for you means I will be taking the next 364 days to post my pictures of Toys, One each day,each different, with different scenarios or back grounds, for a mere 365 days.
I KNOW!!!Crazy right?!

Well I am sharing day one with you. Let me know what you think.


Evelyn said...

i like'a da munkey! the are uh notsa much ahahahahaha!

Frost said...

DORK!!!!! i love it though, cant wait for more to come shindig

lisalyn said...

What a cool project. I did 365 photos a day last year and it was rewarding but I still do not have ALL of the pictures in one place yet.
I love your Rubber Ducky Shower pictures. It looks wonderful. May I use your pictures for ideas??

lisalyn said...

Thanks for the reply.
I did notice that the link I have is old...however, I've been trying to correct it and it always links back to Plan, Party and Repeat. :( I will keep working on it. I know I have the correct site of little shindigs...hum...

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The Challenge is on
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