Apr 21, 2010

So here's the scoop....

Fellow party planner and now blog friend Kate Landers is having a doozy of a giveaway.

Me, being the nice person that I am (sarcastically clearing my throat) want to make sure all ya'll know about this incredible opportunity. Honestly, it really is a great giveaway. So if you are planning a kids party soon make sure to head on over. You will be glad you did...and I hope you remember who sent you (sarcastically clearing my throat, YES AGAIN).

image via Kate Landers of course

1 comment:

Kate Landers Events, LLC © 2009 said...

Natalie, I think you have the CUTEST blog banner *EVER*--I just adore your style! Love love your work!!! Thank you kindly for sharing this giveaway post, you are incredibly thoughtful and I greatly appreciate it. I hope you enter too, winner is selected at random (not that you would ever need any help planning a party, seeing as how you are quite the pro yourself with kids events!!!). Thank you again for the post, I hope to work together on a party in the future--that could be fun, eh???

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The Challenge is on
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